Reactions To Murdah's New Set Of Teeth

We've never seen the DJ smile this much

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Murdah Bongz has not only rebranded but he has also upgraded and purchased himself a new set of teeth. This discovery was made by fans who saw that he is now smiling more than ever.

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A popular Instagram gossip page, Maphepha Ndaba revealed that Murdah Bongz real name Bongani Mohosana, has purchased himself new teeth.

Murdah was then trolled by people who feel as though his teeth did not align with Zinhle's brand and that he had to change. This saw him being a topic of discussion on social media.

@George_Mogwase said, “DJ Zinhle is changing this boy.. We loved him with that gap.. Women are so controlling.”

@thatorula said, "His teeth were not aligning with Zinhle brand. Good for him."

@Quincess_SA wrote, "He really looks good with his new teeth, because wow, beku rough with the Madluphuthu teeth."

@Tlou_Regi said, "Great investment if you ask me."

This is how he looked without his new teeth.

Murdah was thrusted into the spotlight when it was alleged that he is splitting with his group member Thabo Smol. Together they debunked those rumours and said they are not splitting but they are rebranding.

“Spirit Motion would like to state on record that Black Motion members Thabo Muhogwane uka Smaland Bongan Mohosana aka Mordshbongs have not parted ways. Black Motion still exist and has plans for more years to come.”

“The only change which does not affect the dan is that Mardan has rebranded himselt from Murdah to Mörda. This is because he is preparing to launch his sole career as a DJ, but still remains part and parcel of Black Motion.”

People pointed fingers at Zinhle, his girlfriend and said she is the cause of this. At first she said, "Weee bhatata." Then she reckoned people will start blaming her for everything. "Next thing y’all are gonna blame me for the increase in petrol prices…Minding my business, my business is  @erabydjzinhle & these new necklaces & earrings we just launched. Nami athi ngibhale #zinhle Weeee."

They did hint at this transition in 2020 when they said they would be rebranding after their last album. Speaking to Sowetan, the duo said, “The story has unfolded like a book and the albums we have released over the years have been chapters,” Smol told the publication.

“This is the last chapter of the first 10 years and now we are moving into a new book. This is us saying we are closing the book of trying to establish our mark in the industry and we are moving on to a more comfortable zone of artistic freedom.”

Here is a snippet of his new song.

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