Boity Thulo Waiting On Her Ancestors For A Man

They have given her everything except a man!

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Boity Thulo is thankful for her ancestors for all that they have done and more. The rapper is enjoying the fruits of her hard labour and is rolling in cash however her ancestors still have one more role to fulfill and that is getting her a man. 

She took to Twitter to gush about how powerful her ancestors are, "My Dlozis have given me a career that is beyond my wildest prayers. They have financially provided for me in the most satisfactory way,” said Boity.
Boity is living most people's wildest dreams and she has it all. One thing she does not have though is a man. Most might not view being in a relationship as an achievement and that is certainly not something one should beat themselves up about if they are not dating. Even though Boity is having the time of her life, her latest post makes us wonder if she is ready to dive into the dating world.

"The only thing they haven’t brought my way is the man they prepared for me. And I have all the patience!," she tweeted.
It came from the horses mouth, Boity is single and ready to mingle but she is waiting patiently for the right man to come along. 

Perhaps Maps Maponyane is not the right man or they are better off as just friends? Many have hoped that they become a couple but it has been their doing as well. 

For the longest time they have been dribbling their followers by making it seem as though they are a legit couple. The Wuz Dat rapper even tweeted about picking out a wedding venue for their nuptials.

"According to black Twitter Dlozi's... It seems we should be getting married one of these days @mapsmaponyane, I'll find an alter in the mean time." 

Their families obviously do not have a problem about this as Maps' mother even called her 'makoti' implying that she approves of Boity. 

In her reality TV show, Boity: Own Your Throne, she addressed these rumors but at first she joked about the two being a great couple. She said, “He is single, I am assuming. I am single. Why don’t we just get married? We would look cute together. Our children would be really pretty. We would be a power couple. No, I am joking.” 

But it was all just a joke, “There are no vibes between me and Maps, we are homies. Geez!”.

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