Can You Identify Your Favourite ZAleb From Their TBT Photo?

That Boity pic is legendary!

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It may be hard to picture, but even our favourite ZAlebs went through a stage where they looked like hardship. This is a list of some of the most dramatic changes in celebrities then and now. 

Trevor Noah 

Mzansi's best export, Trevor Noah, has not changed much in the last 10 years. I guess it's true that black don't crack. He shared his throwback picture, and social media was in awe over how much like his younger self he still looks. What has changed about him is his style, which has gotten significantly better. I guess we have money and wisdom to thank for that.

Kelly Khumalo 

The Voice of Africa was not always as glamorous as she looks now. She has undergone a lot of transformation, and it is almost impossible to recognize her from her throwback pictures. She was still cute though.

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Nambitha Ben-Mazwi

Scandal actress Nambitha, also known as Lady Nam, broke the internet in 2018 when she shared the cutest throwback photo of herself. It was part of her #10 year challenge. And she captioned that she still looks like Gabrielle Union. Listen, we agree. She was gorgeous even back then.

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Minnie Dlamini-Jones 

The SABC presenter has come a long way, as she shared on her Instagram. But it seems she was born for the spotlight. Modeling comes naturally to her, and she was a pageant girl way back in the day. Have a look at Minnie's adorable throwback to her pageant days.

Boity Thulo

Speaking of Minnie, her throwback pictures always crack internet users up every time they surface, and they have surfaced multiple times. The most hilarious was one that Minnie shared of her and Boity together way back. Listen, if you are worried about how you look now, worry not. Your glow up is not far off.

Image credit: Instagram/ Minnie Dlamini
While we are on Boity, do you remember that she was once in a Wimpy advertisement? This is another celebrity who was born for stardom, and she absolutely nailed her role in this ad. Have a look.
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Pearl Thusi

Okay Pearl Thusi's face card has never declined, not even when she was younger and well... not as rich as she is now. Her photo was shared as part of the Tropica Cruise Campaign, and other than the fact that you can tell she has loads of money now, she still looks largely the same.

It must be nice to have that glow even in your hustler years. What's your secret, Pearl?

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Ntando Duma

This throwback picture will surprise you, even though she doesn't look that different. And we know your next question. Did she lighten her skin? Well, not that we know of, unless we are wrong. This is just the difference that improved cameras, good genes and financial success can make.

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Black Coffee and DJ Euphonik

These two have a relationship that spans decades, and we are glad for it. But even Black Coffee started out looking like struggle.

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Image Credit: Instagram/@RealBlackCoffee

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We hope this list has encouraged you if you feel like you're not yet at your best. Don't worry. You're not ugly. You're just broke. Except if you're rich but still ugly... we don't know how to help you there. But you're not ugly, okay. 
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