Was Young, Famous & African Really Beneath Queen B?

Some viewers are thrilled that she is no longer on the show

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There has been mixed emotions following media personality Bonang Matheba announced to have exited Young, Famous and African. As it stands, co-stars Nadia Nakai and Khanyi Mbau has come under fire as her bullies, meanwhile some viewers are claiming that the show was really beneath her.

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To quote Khanyi Mbau, she did mention that every cast member on the show is a king and queen in their own rights. And Bonang Matheba entering a group ensemble was really never going to work for her.

Exactly after three or so episodes, Queen B was announced to have exited the group chat by her friend, Swanky. And to everybody's surprise, her leaving the show was because of some of the cast members giving her the cold shoulder. Hence, Nadia Nakai and Khanyi Mbau have been called out for being jealous, intimidated and threatened by Queen B's presence.

"Queen B doesn’t belong. These people are also fans not cast mates. Let’s continue with being Bonang" wrote Chungu Kaunda
So support the bullying claims, Queen B has also hinted being bullied on the show as a result of her exit. However, she has also been called out for mistreating and bullying Luis, after Swanky got into her head. The heated argument with Luis it said to have been blown out of proportions and viewers have expressed their great deal of embarrassment by Queen B.

"The Queen B wasn't so Queen like on the show, the shouting, swearing & bullying was such a disappointment Queens don't do that." wrote Zoey
"This show has to have a reunion, Swanky must take accountability for twisting the the story, and Queen B must also apologize, I get where she was coming from but she should have asked Luis and hear how he was going to explain the situation before reacting. #YoungFamousAndAfrican" wrote Junior Jumi
"We love Queen B but we must also hold her accountable for how she bullied Luis. He apologized and she kept on going on and on swearing at him. Swanky wadi bling bling omborile...ene when I say WE I speak for all of us. Onenkinga ang'fonele #YoungFamousAndAfrican" wrote Mpho
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