Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya!

These celebrities can twerk for days!

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Faith Nketsi/Bontle Modiselle
To count the number of times our Zalebs have hogged headlines for the unthinkable would be pointless. But it is always so nice to see how carefree they lead their everyday lives without fear of judgment or being canceled. 

And since most if not all are artists, we always love to see their dope dance moves that always keep us at the edge of our seats. And while many can dance, not many of them can twerk like the celebrities we are about to mention. 

Here is a list of Zalebs who understand what it really means to Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya! 

Faith Nketsi

They don’t call her Queen Twerk for nothing. The socialite and entrepreneur became a social media sensation after she and her friends formed a dance group called Pro Twerkers.

As the name suggests, they made lots of twerk videos and that was how Nketsi was dubbed the title Queen Twerk. 

And even though she left the group to focus on her passion, fans continue to gush over her raunchy body and bring up her videos once in a while just to remind her of her good old days. 

She doesn’t actively share any twerk videos any more on her social media, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t turn up the heat when she wants to. 

Pearl Thusi

Next up on the list is the Quantico star, who other than her great acting skills, can also shake what her mama gave her for days. 

It was not that long ago when the media personality took to her social media to share a video of her having fun while on a photoshoot. And by having fun we mean, she was twerking and had no shame about it. 

And yes, like everything she does, Pearl was pretty good at it and we can only imagine the fun she brings to the party. 

Bontle Modiselle

This list would not be complete without this beautiful starlet who has time and time again set the internet ablaze with her dance videos that always leave fans gushing over how absolutely gorgeous she is. 

Take for example that one time when she decided to leave our jaws dropping when she took to her Instagram to share one very elaborate and well done twerk video! I mean who else can pull off what she did! Chef’s kiss! 

This will definitely not be the last time we will be seeing yet another saucy dance video from this actress and we honestly cannot wait!

Zodwa Wabantu

Oh come on, did you really think Zodwa was going to miss out on this list? As one of the most controversial celebrities in Mzansi, this socialite is known and loved for her very sensational performances that always leave many drooling. 

Time and time again she has made headlines for flaunting her goodies on stage and we have to say that when it comes to turning up the heat, Zodwa has definitely mastered the art and we love to see it. 

Her fans enjoy seeing her twerking on stage among other stunts that may not be as ‘appropriate’ to the standards of many. Still, nothing and no one has swayed her off what she does best. 

Moonchild Sanelly

Following closely is Moonchild who is known far and wide for always flaunting her body and leaving our timelines on heat with her twerking videos. 

Looking at her music videos would give you an exact illustration of what we are talking about. And after naming herself The President on the female orgasm, best believe that her Boom Beams are fully aware of her “skills” if you catch what I mean. 

Moonchild has always been very bold about the conversation on sex and she has been bold enough to make that her signature in her music and everything she does. 

So much so that she decided to start her own OnlyFans to share some exclusive steamy content for her loyal Boo Beams. Are you one of them? 

Well, do you think you have what it takes to beat these beauties? 

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