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Brenda Ngxoli celebrates her acting journey so far

By  | Mar 08, 2022, 12:47 PM  | Brenda Ngxoli  | Top of The

Brenda Ngxoli
Brenda Ngxoli is one of our TV veterans, and she recently decided that if nobody will give her her flowers, she will give them to herself, as she celebrated her acting journey so far.

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The actress took to Twitter to talk about her work in the entertainment industry from start to date. First, she spoke about how much work goes into every character she portrays on screen. She said that every decision she makes about a character, from their language to their body characteristics, has been deliberate. Her intention is to start some conversations that she deems important, or to push a theme the show is hinged on, and so far, it has worked out exactly like that.
She went on to emphasize that she has always brought the same level of commitment and intentionality to all her jobs, even as a presenter. She is therefore not fazed about whether she is liked or not, as she is assured of her hard work, and has some awards and nominations to prove it. 
Brenda also defended her character on The Queen, NomaPrincess. When she joined the cast of the show, it was met with a lot of excitement from fans who loved her in other shows. But the role went south fast, with fans turning on her and demanding that she should leave. 
She said that even that was a conscious decision. She intended for NomaPrincess to spark controversy, and seeing how much she is disliked simply confirms to her that she succeeded at her mission. 
The actress was recently rumoured to have quit The Queen. According to reports, she had some payment disputes with Ferguson Films, which ran the show. 
But she came out to defend Connie Ferguson, saying the film mogul had always treated her with nothing but kindness and respect, and that her leaving the show had nothing to do with money disputes as it was being made to seem. 

This was only shortly before the show was announced to have been cancelled altogether, after a 7 year run. The show will run for one final season, starting in July 2022, and ending on 13th January 2023. 
Fans congratulated Brenda on her journey, and poured into her mentions to talk about her iconic roles. The most beloved role was, by far, Vuyo Radebe on Home Affairs. Her fans seem to agree that what she did with that role can never be forgotten, and she confirms that she went all in with the role. 
She is grateful for the journey, and has sworn to continue to bless and serve SA the best way she knows how: with her acting talent. 
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