Is Busiswa Ready For A Fight?

What We Know About It

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Busiswa-South African Celebrity
On every birthday we always get a refreshing feeling of hope as we anticipate to see what the new year has in store for us.

Today Busiswa celebrates her 33rd birthday and we thought it would be nice for us to take you through some of her highlights from the past year.

Busiswa continues to captivate a large number of people both locally and globally. Her followers recognize her for her electrifying performances on every stage she graces. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and devotion to providing outstanding music to the public are admirable.

She has captivated the hearts of many in Mzansi, particularly with her dance moves, but she did not achieve fame overnight. There was a period in her life when she didn't believe she would become the celebrity that she is now.

Busiswa Reaction To Makhadzi Saying She Wants Fight Her

Makhadzi recently appeared on Cassper Nyovest's The Braai Show and had a blast. The Matorokisi singer talked about her modest origins and how she met her ex-boyfriend Master KG, who turned her life for the better.

Cassper Nyovest had to reference the infamous boxing fight he previously mentioned, claiming that in order to generate cash, SA celebs must go head-to-head with one another. Many people indicated interest in competing in the match, including Makhadzi, who stated that she would not mind sparring with Busiswa Gqulu.

"Busiswa is the first person I think I could genuinely beat up." “I'd beat her up,” Makhadzi declared.

When Busiswa heard Makhadzi wanted her in the ring, she was left shivering in her boots. She took advantage of the situation to make fun of it, but she did admit that she had never fought before and that she would most likely lose to Makhadzi.

“All I need is for someone to define 'a friendly' for the 17 marks below. "Then, for another 13 marks, explain how it relates to a 'boxing match," she added.

Prince Kaybee Mocks Busiswa

Prince Kaybee mocked Busiswa's appearance in a bizarre music video with multiple sexual overtones. The two artists who collaborated on the popular tune Banomoya are feuding, and their feud isn't going away anytime soon.

Coming, a song by Nigerian artist Naira Marley, featured Busiswa Gqulu. Many sexual connotations are made in the music video, which need no explanation, and they cast Busiswa in a negative light for her South African followers, who questioned why she agreed to appear in a music video.

Prince Kaybee couldn't stop himself from laughing and responded with laughing emojis.

Now here's the strange part: the song was released two months ago, but Mzansi only recently discovered it, to Busiswa's amazement. She taunted those who mocked her by claiming that she was probably starving and desperate when she agreed to do the feature.

She advised trolls, including Prince, to take a deep breath and relax while admiring the figures.

But where do they get their beef? In a conversation with Mac G on his latest edition of Podcast and Chill, Prince Kaybee revealed. We all know Mac G isn't afraid to ask the tough questions and doesn't sugarcoat anything. He questioned Prince why he was beefing with his colleague during the interview, and he did just that.

Prince was perplexed by Busiswa's "abnormal" behavior toward him, particularly on the timeline. Busiswa continued to disparage Prince after his feud with Naak Musiq, which was fueled by their shared passion for automobiles.

Busiswa Slams Abusers And Apologists

Busiswa Gqulu has always been outspoken about gender-based violence, going so far as to lay out her entire biography and experience. She recently turned to Twitter to remind women of how dehumanizing social media can be, particularly when it comes to issues of abuse and how to deal with it.

The SBWL singer used Twitter to criticize those who support violence against women and children. She went after men who are online abusers of apologists in particular. Those males who continue to dismiss women who come out with their abuse and rape stories and experiences. These individuals frequently abuse women and resort to sexist slurs.

She also advised victims to always walk away from situations that could result in their life being taken away.

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