Cassper's Incredible Weight Loss Journey

Now this is goals!

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Ahead of his highly anticipated match with Naak Musiq, Cassper Nyovest is training persistently and his tremendous weight loss is proof of that. Cassper is training with the best in boxing and he is certain that he will come out victorious after his boxing match with the musician on April 9th.

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Here's one of Cassper's training sessions which has given him an even firmer body.
Cassper has always prided himself of being a 'Sexy Chubby N***a' but he was committed to losing some of his weight and he achieved a gorgeous 6 pack. Years later, especially when he became a dad, he gained a dad bod, which saw him regaining his sexy chubby n***a status back.

But now that he will be boxing one of the most ripped ZAlebs in the country Naak Musiq, he made sure to keep consistency in the gym and lose some Kg's

Taking to social media to show off his inspiring weight loss, he said he is proud of himself especially because he tried to lose weight three times before.

"I can't explain how proud I am of myself. This was by far the hardest weight loss journey for me cause I have done this 3 times now and I now knew exactly what it would take for me to get back in shape," wrote Cassper.

His weight loss journey saw him losing a lot of people as friends because he was so committed to losing weight.

"To be honest, mentally I didn't feel like I was as strong as I once was and I was demoralized. It's supposed to get easier by the day but it got harder and harder. I just kept waking up and going. Lost touch with a lot of relationships and people cause I just zoned into this goal and I had no time for anyone but myself."

Cassper said he is never going back to being that weight ever again and then proceeded to thank all the people that helped him reach his goal. "Looking at these pictures now I'm in awe of myself. I owe it to myself never to let myself go like that again."

Cassper might be getting in the ring with Naak Musiq but he actually has his eyes set on his number 1 nemesis, AKA. He also wants to fight Prince Kaybee, who is friends with AKA as well. 

"I would gladly knock his (AKA) head off. He definitely scared and after this fight with Naak, he is going to be more scared cause Naak is a tough guy and ima drop him. The top 2 fights I really want is AKA Madruggs And Princess Kaybee... I would love both of them this year!!!"

"I want them Back to back. Top 1 is definitely Madruggs Fc. His career is done, might as well get in the ring and get some hype around his dead name. I want to knock his head off!! Fight of the year!! Nkamo fa meter self to fight me!! (I would give him money to fight me.) Anyway, first we have to #NaakHimOut April 9th."

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