Cassper Wins Boxing Match Against Slik Talk

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It was a nail-biter last night as award-winning rapper Cassper Nyovest and YouTuber Slik Talk, fought it out in their highly anticipated boxing match.

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Cassper was proclaimed the champion after knocking out Slik Talk, who couldn't handle his punches. The boxing match dubbed Fame Vs Clout’ attracted more than 35 000 viewers on Cassper's Facebook account and it was livestreamed on Wednesday evening, just after 21:00.

Unlike his industry peers, Slik Talk accepted Cassper's request to fight him in the ring, not anticipating that the match would be so intense. Mufasa did not come to play. He threw an impressive series of punches at his opponent and won the fight by technical knockout.

If you were expecting him to be defeated, last night was definitely not the day. It took Cassper just 12 minutes to show Mzansi that he had been sincere when he said he would knock out the Youtuber.
Watching the fight closely, the referees made sure there would be no bloodshed. The match was slated for three rounds and after couple of them, they had to end the match after Mufasa threw stunning punches that stole a spectacular victory.

"The referee in charge of this contest saw too many punches landed to the head and as a result, the boxer called Slik Talk too much punishment… Therefore the referee had no alternative but to stop this contest… And your winner via KO is Iron Man, Cassper Nyovest."

The action and entertainment packed match saw the audience requesting more rounds, with Mufasa who was confident in winning. However, Slik Talk's manager said they would have to consult with the doctor to see if Slik was fit enough to continue.

Despite losing the match Slik Talk still walks away with a whopping R200 000 from the match.

The YouTuber had taken to his Youtube channel to give Cassper his final warning moments before the match. He told the rapper that it was not too late to stop the fight because he would defeat him. Cassper ignored his statement and said the show will go on.

“It’s not too late to stop this. I will forget about it and pretend like nothing ever happened. All I want from you is to pay me my 100k and apologise because what I’m about to do to you is not even legal,”
he said.

“It’s about to get ugly for, I promise you that Cassper. I know you didn’t finish school and I know you ran away from school but now I’m about to put you through the university of life. I’m about to put you through a lecture on emotional intelligence,” he said

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