“I Should Have Known Better As An Adult"- Patrick Shai

The actor apologizes for insulting Cassper Nyovest and his mother

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In a distasteful video, the veteran actor proclaimed he wanted to beat Cassper up. He even hurled insults at Cassper's mom and called her a b*tch.

“Before I die I want to make sure that I've beat you so that on my tombstone they can write this is the man who beat Caster or Costa or whatever your sh*t name is ... Come you son of a b*tch,” Patrick said.

The actor received major backlash on social media for insulting Mufasa and he has since released another one, apologizing for insulting Cassper and dragging his family into it. He humbly asked South Africa and Cassper for forgiveness and said he regrets what he said.

“I should have known better as an adult. My apologies, I humbly, from the bottom of my heart, apologise for having used such strong language towards your mom. Even though the challenge would've been an ideal thing but now it has been soured by what I said.

“I apologise from the bottom of my heart, please forgive me and forgive me South Africans. I am regretting every bit of the last sentence. That I used, I'm sorry.” he said
The disrespect
Cassper continues to endure has even made him regret the fame he acquired. In a tweet he reacted to Shai's videos and said his family always gets disrespected and it is enough now, "This is way too much man. I can't take it. Why are people always disrespecting my family? I'm fucking trapped in this fame shit. I wish I could run up on all you devils and defend my family like any other man would. What is coming to all of yall will be ugly! GOD KNOWS!"

"Who the fuck is that old man and why is he calling my mom a bi**h? Why does my family have to be disrespected like this yo? Fu** this is too much now!!! Modimo nna ha ke sa kgona, ke kopa thuso. (God I can't do this anymore, I need help.)"

“If there's one thing is regret about my fame is how my family has been disrespected by strangers. I try so hard to be about my own business but it's always sh*t like this and I have to keep it moving to protect my brand cause brands will never understand. This is too much man" he tweeted.

Cassper then said he keeps on fighting demons day in, day out. He also responded to Shai's apology and said he merely wanted to trend using his name.

“These are some weird times yo. When everyone runs of out of ideas to trend they just think 'Cassper Nyovest',” he wrote.
Cassper is expected to fight with Naakmusiq in the highly anticipated celebrity boxing exhibition. The match is set to take place on the 9th of January 2022 at  Sun City.

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