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Another Monday Man Motivation letter has hit the ZAlebs e-mail box and this week’s one goes out to Cassper Nyovest.

A young actor, who goes by the name of Dithapelo, speaks on how he was inspired by an open letter directed to Cassper Nyovest that made him realise that he too can achieve his dreams if he works hard at it. Dithapelo felt that the ZAlebs readers needed to read this open letter too in order to feel inspired.

Here’s what our reader had to say about the open letter first:


My name is Dithapelo, since I saw your media company I knew I needed to share this with you because I feel it will change more people’s lives since it changed mine. I personally think it should be shared with ZAlebs in order to uplift other young people.

I cried after reading it, I had lost hope in life but it took me back on track, the letter is amazing.

Here it is below:

Dear Refiloe Phoolo.

My name is Teboho Thuswa, The Kasi Preacher (21), I’m a Motivated Speaker and not a Motivational Speaker because challenges I went through motivates me to speak and change people's lives. Hardworking people like you add value to the things I speak about and inspire me to do great and be great.

I was moved to write this letter to you because you are a living testimony that if you believe things will happen they will happen regardless of where you come from. I would like to let you know that as you are working hard some of us are positively watching you and drawing immense inspiration from your hustle. You make us wake up every day in the morning to go hustle for what we believe in even though we live in places where negativity is a popular thing.

Refiloe Phoolo, you dropped out of high school because you had a dream, something that I believe you saw which everybody didn’t, and you have proved that even though education is important, sometimes you don’t need to have a Degree or PHD to make millions because what you have and believe in is a key point to ultimate riches.

Napoleon Hill once said “Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past”, you have definitely demonstrated it to all the dreamers in the world that it can be done, IT’S POSSIBLE if you pray and believe in it. How you started makes us see that every dream can come to true regardless of how hard the circumstances may be.

We live in a world today where we are surrounded by negative beliefs of people who constantly tell us that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to achieve big dreams and yet there are so many buildings, hotels, malls and franchises that were started by people and these are people who had 'Never say Never' spirit like you Nyovest.

For the full letter click here:

Thank you for your Monday Man Motivation letter, Dithapelo.

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