Claire Mawisa Struggled For 16 Years

It's everyone's struggle

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TV personality Claire Mawisa has opened up on her struggle with her hair that lasted for 16 full years.

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Claire took to Instagram to pen everyone's struggle. She said, "When I started my loc journey 16 years ago, I wanted to find out how to take care of my hair, but I struggled to find images of black women with locs online (even now, when you google "dreadlocks" images, it's mostly celebs with faux locs or white people)

"It baffled me! I was like, "but how?!" I also struggled to find hair care products, salons that would treat & know how to style my hair or even people that supported the natural hair route. thankfully a lot of that has changed, but for many, the struggle continues.

"Nowadays I make it a point to regularly upload pictures with no other purpose than to just show off my hair
πŸ˜‚Please share your dreadlocks salon in the comments: the name, the insta handle and where it is located, so that we can help each other out!"

People had a lot to say about this, these were some of their reactions:

@djsbulive said, "First time trying locks in my life and Jabu Stone got me. 2 years now and we growing quite well. To 16 years..."

@kemaseka said, "I find people with locs don't really want to share loctician details πŸ€”πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ. I struggled to find the right one because my scalp is sensitive and needed "soft hands". I travel 2.5 hours to get my hair done by this particular person. Unfortunately he is not on social media"

@stephselepe said, "It's not easy finding the right place, I've always done my own hair from day one"

@zamaswazishozi said, "I do my hair @phakamanisibiya, I'm in Durban, he is located at corner of Smith Street and Russell Street, been doing my hair here for 5yrs now. I love how they know me, I don't even have to say what I want, they are also open to new styles, like when I saw the pipecleaners on your handle @clairemawisa and asked them to do it for me, they did a magnificent job πŸ™Œ. You might not know this but you inspire most of us sis❀️ thank you"

@missowling said, "I just moved to Nelspruit and I am struggling to find a salon where I can have my dreadlocks done. Someone please help 😫😩😭"

@jaynehewison said, "I love you with dreads. The others were curly and also cool. Love these. But you are a stunning woman anyway. Thanks for sharing πŸ‘β€οΈ"

@ntebalengm said, "The thing is they don't wanna believe that our hair can be longer and accept it is naturally beautiful"

@keboingotlo_gill said, "Yho now this is a real struggle 😒😒. Its worse for us in small towns, I've had mine for 11 years and I must say I still struggle to find one here in Kimberley. Your hair has always been goals my dear 😍😍"

One thing about dreadlocks, they are always come to the party. So stunning.

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