David Tlale has a message for township boys

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | David Tlale  | Top of The

For us who grew up in the townships, there was always a stigma behind what roles boys and girls should play. Boys did the garden and girls cleaned the house. When it came to careers, guys were expected to study for careers that were more “masculine”, whilst the girls were expected to go towards careers that were more “lady-like”.

However, we’ve progressed a bit since those days, even though there are still those taboo roles that are "expected" to be performed by male or females respectively.

But what happens to that young township boy who instead of playing football with his friends, would rather read through fashion magazines and draw and knit clothes for his ideal fashion collection?

During the Ciroc launch on Wednesday, 8 October, speaking to ZAlebs, David Tlale had the perfect answer for all young boys who are currently finding themselves in the career dilemma of following their dreams versus following the rest of the herd.

“First of all, as cliché as it may sound, believe in your dreams, young man. Secondly, go to school, get good grades, and make sure you finish your matric. Also, remember that to be a fashion designer, your education just doesn’t stop in high school, ensure that you go to a fashion college or a university that does practice fashion," the fashion master told ZAlebs.

"Lastly, if you love it and have the passion for fashion, rest assured you can do it. Nobody can tell you what you cannot be and, yes, in the past years it has been frowned upon to see a male figure making clothes, but we don’t just make clothes, we’re fashion designers, we decide what the world should wear and that is an amazing role to have.”

There you have it, young men out there. Go be the best fashion designer you want to be... David Tlale encourages you to do just that.

Image Credit: Instagram