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With over a decade in the acting industry we get to know more about actress & radio personality - Dineo Lusenga

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Dineo Lusenga

We've seen her act on shows like Intersexions, Hard Copy, Mutual Friends and Ek se lalela. And although Dineo prefers a life working behind the scenes she does boast quite an impressive acting resume'.

We caught up with the actress who expressed some of the issues that still need to be addressed in the entertainment industry and shows she would still love to act in.

One of those main issues is the problem of gender inequality in the entertainment industry.

"Issues of gender inequality are still prevalent in our industry, this coupled with sexual favours in exchange for work. The idea that you have to sleep with someone to get/keep a job is disturbing. For a man to think that they have that kind of power over someone’s livelihood is an unnerving abuse of power."

Dineo Lusenga

As an artist who also has a solid background in radio broadcasting, we also asked Dineo about her thoughts on celebrities getting hired for radio gigs just because of their social media following.

"I believe that people get into radio for different reasons; some to grow their brands and others to be broadcasters, and you can tell the difference by the end product we hear on air. Broadcasters also employ different personalities for these two different reasons. There’s a notion that social media following guarantees listenership. Personally I find it problematic because there’s a generation of upcoming radio talent who are currently at their respective community radio stations, campus radio stations or even studying the craft of radio at higher education level and these kids will probably never get to see the light of commercial radio because apparently you now have to be a celebrity/popular to be on radio. It’s concerning."

Dineo Lus

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As mentioned earlier on, Dineo acted on the first season of Intersexions, the actress expressed that Intersexions was a successful series because of the truth it conveyed about relationships and HIV/AIDS.

"Intersexions wasn’t just another HIV/AIDS drama. Intersexions didn’t just say ‘don’t discriminate against people living with HIV”, Intersexions said, “check yourself because you are just six degrees away from being infected.” I remember the promo tagline, “Do you know your partner’s previous partners?” It hit home. We all saw ourselves in each of the characters we were introduced to on our small screens every week. It was a fresh concept beautifully executed."

Dineo Lusenga

Another show Dineo speaks fondly about is Home Affairs and has mentioned that she would like for the show to return to our TV screens. We absolutely agree with her, she would also love to see herself act on Lockdown.

 "I wish Home Affairs would come back. That was my dream television show to be on. Right now though, I would have to say Lockdown. It’s currently my favourite drama on television. It has the meatiest roles any actor would love to explore. "

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So what else is Dineo up to? 

At the moment she's busy wrapping up her short film titled Nomfundo which will also be screened abroad in international film festivals to be held in England and America. She's also wrapping up her show Living Land which airs on SABC 2 Saturdays.

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