Meet Tastemakers SABC 1's DJ Doowap

Meet one of two of the latest presenters on SABC 1's newest show Tastemakers 

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Meet Tastemakers SABC 1's DJ Doowap

A lot has been said about SABC 1’s new shows but when it comes to the talent in those shows, it’s a different story.

One such talent is DJ Doowap (real name Khetsiwe ‘Kay’ Morgan) who hosts a new show called Tastemakers alongside Maitele Wawe (real name Netshimbupfe Maitele).

Morgan formed part of the new DJ line up back when YFM tried to switch things up with more modern sounds. She hosted a countdown every Wednesday back when dubstep was on the rise in SA.

Famed for her brightly coloured braids and colourful outfits reminiscent of the 90’s (sometimes featuring traditional beads or beaded garments), Morgan is a tastemaker in her own right.

Speaking of her style, Morgan once told Sunday World that her style is heavily influenced by both the 1990s and the Boom Shaka, Salt n Pepa, TLC aesthetic.

"My parents used to own the night club Insomnia in Illovo and Morgan's in Sunninghill. I got to know Boom Shaka because they used to perform there and would sleep over at our house after their performances," she said.

Born to a Swati mother and a British father, Morgan grew up in Sandton and was later taken abroad due to the competitive nature of the extracurricular activity she was involved in.

Though she had been to quite a number of countries, it was in London that she was introduced to DJing.

DJing and the local party scene took over her life, much to the detriment of her school work. She ended up having to come back home around 2012 and subsequently enrolled in a sound engineering course at the Academy of Sound Engineering at the SABC in Auckland Park. She went on to obtain a diploma in Sound Engineering.

She immediately began working as a DJ and long-story-short: DJing led to YFM and YFM led to the career she is currently in.

Morgan has since gone on to work with a number of brands as a tastemaker and influencer of sorts so it’s only natural that she’d make the transition into presenting on such a show.

According to SABC 1, Tastemakers is a magazine show that is centred on a multiracial street culture mash-up showcase.

Each week, they “profile young street culture creatives across four disciplines of the street culture industry; musicians, graffiti artists, street fashion brands and extreme sports personalities i.e. car spinners, skaters, and BMX riders.”

The show is confined to local culture hubs either. It reportedly takes place across four street culture world hot spot cities, which are Paris, Berlin, Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively.

Their aim is to unite street culture industries to speak with one voice worldwide regardless of which city they’re from.

Catch Tastemakers on SABC 1 every Thursday at 6pm.

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