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Celebrities that have opened up about their sex lives

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DJ Fresh/Ntsiki Mazwai
One thing that we absolutely love about our celebrities is that they are always willing and ready to spill the juicy details about their lives. From their relationships, their careers, beefs and even so their sex lives as well. 

Over the years we have seen and heard our celebrities openly talk about how rosy or not so rosy it is in the bedroom department and so we have decided to relive those moments with and for them. Here are 5 times when celebrities opened up about their sex lives.

Mihlali Ndamase

I bet you are not even surprised that this beauty queen is the one topping the list. Time and time again, she has shocked Mzansi with her very risky and scandalous tweets where she has occasionally talked about what she wants in a man and so on. 

Just the other day in fact, the YouTube sensation decided to reveal to Mzansi that she hopes her future hubby is nasty and all many were left to wonder is what exactly did she mean by nasty. Like nasty nasty, or nasty Nasty C?

That is not all though. This one time, Mihlali decided to take to her YT channel to spill the tea to a very curious audience about her cowgirl experience in the bedroom as well as how old is too old for her. Maybe it is because she was already tipsy from her wine but sis was spilling and she was not holding back one bit!

Zodwa Wabantu

Next up on the list is Zodwa who as you already know, she has never shied away from talking about what gets her on. First of all, we already know that she enjoys dating young Ben 10’s and she is always sharing on her social media how much she loves sex and can never get enough of it. 

In fact, this one time with her ex Ben 10, Vusi, Zodwa had shared how good 2020 was for her because she got all the action and was even seen going to buy condoms, saying that she had to do what is right and stay protected all the time. I mean talk about being liberated. This right here is the goal.

Makhumalo Mseleku

Musa Mseleku and his wives have always hogged headlines for their polygamous yet very lavish lifestyle. It is still a mystery to many how Mseleku is able to take care of his four wives and ten children and still not feel the heat! 

It was just the other day when his third wife, Makhumalo in a interview with Tshisa Live, decided to let the world in on how her sex life was, seeing that she had to share the same man with three other women. 

To Mzansi’s surprise she said that her sex life was pretty good and that Mseleku is a man who would take care of each of his wives’ needs without neglecting the other. 

There is no competition. He doesn't talk about his issues. It's me time. We have good sex and love. I'm in a happy marriage and proud of my husband.

DJ Fresh

We have come to know DJ Fresh as one of the most acclaimed artists here in Mzansi. And despite the number of scandals that he always seems to get himself into, there is no denying that his fans are in love with his career journey and support him still. 

It was just the other day while live on Trending SA that the artist was sharing about some of the milestones that he has been able to celebrate both in his career and in his personal life. 

It was during his reflection that he was asked to give his opinion on the secret of a happy marriage is, only for Fresh to say, having lots of sex with your partner. 

He also went on to brag that he and his wife have a great sex life and that people who say sex is overrated are those who don’t do it right. Yes , you read that right. Shame that he and his wife have to call it quits after all this time though.

Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki has never been ashamed to be candid about anything or anyone and you can also best believe that her sex life is not out of that equation either. 

During her time on the infamous Podcast and Chill with MacG, Ntiski bluntly talked about her sex life and how she likes to conserve her “sexual energy” up until the main event, so she can release it all. 

Sexual energy is very powerful, so when you're horny you do things, and you can focus your energy, but when you have sex, you release all that energy. So I like to abstain so that the energy can build up and then I just channel that energy, work, work and then when I feel like 'damn, I'm doing well,' then I have sex, now we can open up the gates.

In a time when society is just beginning to accept such liberal conversations about sex and the like, we have to say that these celebrities are setting the bar way too high and we most definitely love to see it. 

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