Lamiez Rewards Herself With Brand New Wheels

The star is living the dream

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DJ Lamiez Holworthy has bought herself brand new set of wheels and is in awe at the amount of success she has acquired in a short space of time. The DJ who is wife to rapper Kuli Chana, documented the whole experience and had her family and friends right beside her.

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Lamiez bagged herself a black luxurious quantum at the Mercedes Benz dealership. With her husband Khuli right by her side and mother as well as family and friends, Lamiez said in the video that her late father was there with them as well.

She explained the phenomenon saying it rained when she drove into to the dealership and then again when she immediately left, "It legit rained as soon as I drove in to the dealership. Stopped then rained again as soon as I was driving out. I know that was my dad. I just know it."

This massive achievement is just another tick off her bucket list and is definitely living the dream. Lamiez brought the whole family out as the little ones hopped into the back seat and as she drove off, she looked very happy and over the moon.

Lamiez got reminded of all that her parents did for her when she first started out. Mid-groove she shed a tear because she got taken back to when her mother would drive her to gigs in a security van.

"Whilst playing at my first gig yesterday, I legit had a moment and shed a tear when I realised that I am legit living the life I always dreamt of," she said.

"My dad must be so proud. From him and my mom taking me 2 gigs in a security van to this…Black child, when I say it’s possible- I mean it!!!"

Lamiez received an overwhelming amount of congratulatory messages and she thanked everyone. She said her parents were not extremely wealthy and does not come from much, but her drive lead her to where she is now, "And it WILL happen. I am living proof thereof. I don’t come from much. Now I get to live out all my wildest dream."

Lamiez always gushes over her mother and how she has stuck by her side. She also has a huge amount of love for her step daughter, 8-year-old Nia. Whenever she has a bad day she always looks forward to going home and dancing with her.

"Between TV ,radio and club gigs, I still have to make time for my little girl. And on Sunday, in between multiple gigs, something pretty upsetting happened and the only person that could make me feel better was this little girl- My Dr. Princess aka Broke Bestie. I legit went home to see and dance with her which cheered me up," she said.

At school, Nia has no problem with dishing on her family. It is pretty cute, "Sometimes it be your own kids that expose you! Attended a child led parents meeting at my daughter’s school and I need you to swipe left to watch how special she is. Turns out they have something called “holiday news” and in the one she blatantly says how my mom (her grandma) @imeldak20 took her out, played at the arcade then left her at a crèche so that she could gamble."

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