Shimza In Desperate Need Of R5 Million

His ideas are that costly

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South Africa's national treasure DJ Shimza is looking to broaden his horizons but that will cost him R5 million. If the DJ can drop R3.6 million on a Djing set surely he can put the money together in no time.

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“My idea needs 5M to take off. Ka kopa, (please)” he tweeted. His fans gave him the boost he needed by encouraging him that he shall receive the money in no time.

Whilst the second wave of the Coronavirus is in full effect, many of our creatives are crying to minister Nathi Mthethwa to help the entertainment sector. One of the artists to bash the minister was Shimza who expressed how displeased he was for his lack of consideration for the sector. 

DJ Shimza then contacted Nathi Mthethwa with a proposal that will benefit everybody including artists.

"Submitted a proposal to Minister @NathiMthethwaSA for us to be able to afford to continue with events on TV so we could continue paying artists and people in the technical space and got no response. Now we out scrapping for work, people are gathering and the virus is spreading.

"Supporting this would have meant fewer people would go out to watch their favourite artists perform because they would do it from the comfort of their homes,” said Shimza.

“This would potentially cut down on gatherings, but at the same time would not take from the artist's income because we also need to work. Many might think entertainment is just games, but many lives are suffering and are not being recognised, ra zama but we need assistance. Ra kopa” tweeted Shimza.

His lockdown house party is still playing on Channel O and has been well received by the masses.

Meanwhile, Cassper Nyovest wishes he can drop millions on luxury items like he used to however the pandemic has hit his own pockets too. “I've seen this watch on soooo many people. Ai, this means that ninjas are getting money mos. 4 bar? Le di #Charmaboy straight,” wrote Cassper.

Instead he says he will use his looks for now to charm the ladies and not drop R4 million just to look good, “I do not afford a 4 million rand watch. If anything I'm watching my money now. It's been a tough 12 months and we about to have another tough 12 months,” tweeted Cassper.

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