DJ Slim Breaks Down The Making Of March Madness

An EP that spent two years in production

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DJ Slim BLVD has returned to the Mzansi music scene with a new 5 track EP, March Madness, which features the likes of WNDRZN, B.O.G, Michael Nereus, Bhuga Bhengu and Pgtheawesome.

The DJ/Producer in an exclusive interview with ZAlebs broke down why he hasn't released any music, in such a long time and the making of March Madness.

March Madness is a project that is about Slim shinning the spotlight on rising artists in Mzansi. 

For the making of the album, the DJ underwent a lengthy selection process in order to get the final product that the EP is today.

The process saw the DJ stepping into a new zone, in terms of the creative process being in the hands of the artists more than himself. For the tape, the DJ handpicked young and upcoming artists in Mzansi to work with.

“The concept of the tape is more of a thing of I want to put kids, especially kids that no one knows, like if you coming from a point of like 200 followers on Instagram or Twitter and you trying to make it in this music thing, you already on the back foot of this music thing, but you are talented and good.”

Last year the DJ and his team began collecting music from potential artists, he chose to rather handpick the artists, rather than taking submissions and it was quite the process.  

There was a time when he did take submissions but says they were not receiving the tracks that he wanted for the direction of the EP and that’s why he choose to rather handpick the artists, send them a brief and see what they would come up with.

“I remember at first, we were not getting anywhere, some artists were not sending music in or not sending something that I wanted to use. The whole brief was send me something and literally if it fits the sound of what I’m trying to do, then it will be selected.

The first song to make the EP was Relocate Rough by B.O.G, which set the tone for the rest of the tape. Slim explains that figuring out the first track made it easier to choose what other songs to include on the tap.
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DJ Slim, worked with his little brother on the EP. His brother was tasked with finding unknown artists for Slim to hear and see if they would make the cut for the EP. Slim says the experience of working together taught him a lot about his little brother and this was his first project and he did quiet well and earned his trust.

The EP is strictly of unknown people from production to the artists.

At the beginning of March, the tape had nine songs and as time went by Slim decided to cut a few songs down, as they just didn’t fit the direction of the project.

Slim explains that for an album to be good, he needs to be able to listen to all the tracks from the first to the last song and vice versa.

“It was a difficult situation but I had to cut songs. When it comes to music, I treat it like a business, sometimes I have zero emotions, towards it.”

The producer says that he chose to do an EP because he didn’t want to just help one person as that would be a bit unfair, so helping at least four artists makes a little more sense to him.

“With a single, it kinda feels like I’m co-signing one person and I feel that I can co-sign more than one person,” says Slim.

The DJ explains that “the more this grows, next year when we do it again it’s going to be a new group of kids”.

Slim says he enjoys the process of working with new talent, as its fun and a challenging but he likes challenges. In the end, it’s all about helping people get to the point where he feels they should be.

Working with new talent does come with its own fair share of challenges but the one thing that stands out for Slim is that this young generation has such huge "egos".

Slim recounts an experience when an artist asked him for R 100 000 and he had to give him quite the reality check because there is no guarantee of a return on the investment.  

“Seeing all these kids, the different levels that they all at, was an interesting thing, because I do want to start a label and the one thing I can take away from it, is I kind of have to build a patient spirit because it’s going to be tough.”

Making March Madness, taught Slim a lot about “his team, himself and the mindset of people who are making music, especially these ones that aren’t really dope but are trying to get on.”

Slim is also reaching out to even more artists to collaborate with and is currently gunning for a collaboration with Costa Stitch, who might be even ignoring him.

Slim explains that he has known Costa Stitch for a while since 2016 but now he is super interested in working with him, but for some reason, the rapper might be blue ticking him, so if anyone has Costa’s number let him know Slim wants to work with him.

After this EP, Slim’s fans will not have to wait long for more projects as before and they can even expect a track with Moonchild Sanelly to drop soon.

While Slim was out of the limelight, Moonchild laced her upbeat verse for Uya Rocka. The single is still in production, with another big featuring artist in the works

March Madness bears five tracks, oscillating between club singles, a fusion of R&B and musicians who "rap rap!"
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