Sphectacula and Naves: Business is in order pt 2

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Yesterday we published the first half of our exciting two part interview with DJ Naves and Sphectacula where we touched on some of the initiatives they are involved in as well as plans for a future album. Today we speak about the brand that is Naves and Sphectacula as well as their role in the industry.

The name Dj Naves and Sphectacula, is it one brand or is it two separate brands?

[Sphe-] I think we would classify ourselves as three different brands. Each of the individual brands, so in other words, DJ Naves and Sphectacula are their own brands- as well as the brand, DJ Naves and Spechtacula. People listen to us on radio and whenever we go out together they want to experience what they hear on the radio in real life you know. It’s a little bit strange, but at the end of the day he still has his own character of who he is and I have mine. So it’s 3 different brands

The DJing industry is no overcrowded and how do you guys intend to keep you brand alive?

[Naves-] You know there isn’t any career choice or industry that is overcrowded. I mean, you would think that call centres are overcrowded- yet everyone still has an opportunity.

[Sphe-] Now, the reason why I disagree with that is because you still get guys calling us today and asking if we are available and because they can’t find a DJ that plays like me and Sphe they will give an up and coming DJ an opportunity. There is a difference between DJ’s who simply DJ, and guys who want to make a solid career out of it. In our case, we understand that our career-span is quite short so we got to do as much as we can out of it.

What are the challenges that you guys still face as Dj’s?

Well I think if you run your own company, you don’t sleep, you don’t rest- you work hard. If you’re going to sleep, your money is going to sleep. If it’s something that you own and have passion for, it comes naturally to give it everything you’ve got  and to keep moving forward.

What has been your favourite part of your job?

[Naves-] I think not having to wake up and be stuck in traffic. I think that’s amazing for me because my week is Thursday to Monday and then I start my other job Monday to Thursday and even with that it’s not hard, it’s something that I enjoy.

How do you get the crowed entertained when playing overseas?

[Naves-] I believe you can go to anywhere around the world, and what you give out is what you will get in return. If you don’t give them energy, you won’t get energy. You have to remember; the reason why they are booking you is because they’ve heard you play and they’ve liked it. So you just need to go there and be your extra ordinary self and perform.

What do you think about the up and coming DJ’s?

I think that they have the privilege of having access to all the information in the world. You need to understand that when we were growing up we couldn’t go ask [DJ] Fresh for everything. These days, up and coming DJs have got everything. You can go onto youtube and watch a live set DJ playing, you have tutorials, information, advice. You have all the information in the world.

Sphecthacular can you please describe Naves in 5 words?

Irreplaceable, business-minded, passionate, sleepless , and sensitive.

Naves describe Sphectacular in 5 words?

Intellectual, smart-guy, loving, soft and level headed.


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