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DJ Tira

If there's one thing DJ Tira knows how to do, it's to bring joy to the hearts of many and encourage people to be the best versions of themselves. 

The DJ recently shared a video of a young boy who had been waiting for the DJ outside his studio on Monday.

It seems as though the young man had skipped school to meet Tira so he could request for the multi-award winning DJ to assist him with his music career.

Tira was clearly taken aback by this young man and was clearly concerned about why he was out in the streets and not at school.

Tira then went on to give the boy a mini-lecture about the importance of school and putting his education first before music.

Tira then informed the boy that he should first wait until school closes for the December holidays before he can even consider helping him. The DJ further added that the young man should bring back his end-of-year school results so that he (DJ Tira) can see how well the boy performed at school.

The young man, in tears, attentively listened to DJ Tira and was given taxi money to go back home.

Check out the full video below.

The video received mixed reactions from the public, some were not impressed with what Tira had done...

Not impressed

...while the likes of Reason backed up Tira and expressed how he did the right thing for the kid.


The debate is still ongoing in DJ Tira's mentions.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@DJTira