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Is the 'No vaccine card, no entry' mandate still in place, Tira?

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DJ Tira's popular Durban festival is making a comeback again this year and as much as fans cannot wait for it, anti-vaxxers are still wondering if his "no vaccine card, no entry" mandate still applies, or was it all for jokes.

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Speaking to Sunday World, Tira said they will be doing things a bit different this year. Usually, Fact Durban Rocks has three stages according to him, but now they have to stick to one which will accommodate only 2 000 partygoers.

Last year, the festival was done virtually but Tira is hopeful that the COVID cases do not surge so that they can invite fans to attend the festival physically. Another thing to take into consideration is the curfew. Fact Durban Rocks, which usually broadcasts on SABC 1, ushered us into the new year with the song of the year. This means they stayed up till the AMs.

But with COVID restrictions and curfew, Tira is not sure when the festival will end. “If I do pre-production then I can present something on Tv that’s going to go over midnight like I did last year. But the plan is to have 2000 people and also for the event to be live. Everything is still under preps and at the moment I’m still finalizing a few things here and there, and yes the event will be way different. You can imagine downgrading from 20000 to 2000 people,” said Tira to the publication.

A few weeks ago, Tira got dragged for promoting the vaccine when he said people cannot set foot at his event without vaccinating, “Fact Durban Rocks December 2021. No vaccine card. No Entry.” he wrote. After receiving backlash, he then asked why are people scared of injections, "Why you so scared of umjovo."

As a person who is so concerned about the safety of people during the pandemic, he got slammed for playing at a packed event. He performed at the  Cosmopolitan Lounge where there were many people in there and were not wearing any masks.

"While (you are) yap yapping about my name don't forget I don't own a venue, I'm a Dj I get booked to come and perform, get paid and go home. Be responsible and remove yourself from places that may be a danger to your health. Makoya Bearings #RockstarForever 21 Years of greatness," Tira said in his defense.

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