DJ Zinhle And Lerato Kganyago Sort Out Their "Beef"?

Well...we did not see this one coming

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If there is one female DJ who fixes another female's crown it has to be DJ Zinhle. We don't know about you, but we have never seen the DJ bad mouth other female artists who do not really have the same success as she has. One thing about her as well, she will show support whenever she can.

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There has been some tension between DJ Zinhle and Lerato Kganyago, that does not really qualify as beef. It could be described as some sort of misunderstanding between two friends.

They hardly post each other on social media anymore, neither do they comment on each other's pics or take pics together. It's almost as if they are not friends - or are they?

DJ Zinhle made it known that she has nothing but love for Lerato Kganyago and well two other female DJs as well, but that's not the point.

A tweep asked who do people love between Lamiez Holworthy, DJ Zinhle, Uncle Waffles and Lerato Kganyago. Zinhle did not hesitate to say she loves all of them.

Who would have thought that Zinhle would be absent from her close friend's special day. Zinhle once spoke about this saying she was never invited to Lerato's wedding to businessman Thami Ndala. Speaking to Toke Makinwa on her Honey TV talk show called Talk With Toke Makinwa, Zinhle said "One, I didn't know she was getting married and two she forgot to invite me," Zinhle laughed.

According to Lerato, she had to limit the number of people she could invite to the ceremony due to  COVID-19 restrictions.

Lerato then addressed these comments by Zinhle on Podcast And Chill with MacG, saying Zinhle is lying. She claimed that she did invite her to what was a gathering but Zinhle ignored her invite. 

β€œThat left a very bad taste in my mouth because Zinhle and I are like sisters. I was disappointed of the fact, she actually even answered that manager actually sent me the clip and that's like half truth, you know what happened. She does say she was invited, but what happened after that or before that is the question... At that time because my friendship with all the other girls was like just a bit offish, she was the only one I invited, because she is my girl and I've always been loyal to her and I'll always be loyal to her.”

β€œI distanced myself from everything else. It wasn't even a wedding it was just a celebration, I still didn't have my traditional wedding or a white wedding it was just a celebration.”

She then gave a little bit more insight on their friendship and what they went through as friends. 

β€œWhat I wanna say is her and I have gone through so much, and as a friend I've been so loyal to her, and she respects friendships and ex friendships that much that when she answered the question, I was like now you are opening up a can of worms, and you are telling your side of the story, and its like half truth, and now people are gonna start speculating, and we are trying to be in a good space as friends because nobody is perfect.”

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