DJ Zinhle Responds To Pregnancy Rumours

Murdah's recent post had fans in a frenzy

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As DJ Zinhle gears up for the final episode of season 2 of The Unexpected, fans could not help but wonder if she is expecting a new baby with her husband Murdah Bongz. 

Murdah Bongz had fans excited when he posted a cryptic post on Instagram of him and Zinhle and insinuating that they are expecting a new baby soon. He captioned the picture “Asante younger brother or sister on the way.” Another possible giveaway was the fact that the picture was of Zinhle facing away from the camera, 'hiding' the belly. 

In a recent interview with Daily Sun, Zinhle laid the rumour to rest and said the baby Murdah Bongz was referring to was in fact his album. 

"The baby Bongani was referring to was his album which will be dropping soon, so that was what he was talking about." 

So there you have it folks Zinhle is not having another baby, not anytime soon. 

She took to Twitter to reveal that this season was by far the most emotional for her. "Self awareness is tough but it’s a powerful tool for growth. This was a really hard one for me. I won't lie. Super emotional," said the Siyabonga hitmaker. 

"Opening up through a reality show has been tough but I’m glad I did it, for you, for me! The season is almost over… thank you for riding with me. Super emotional day I guess. Wow, I am HIGHLY emotional."

Explaining this to the publication, she said she would be returning to therapy. She said it was an amazing season for her because there was a lot of growth for her and business wise. 
"I got to learn a lot of lessons about myself, and I also learnt to be open to other people's ideas. I'm still on a learning path of not being stubborn when it comes to a lot of situations as you have seen during this season."

She said there have been a lot of highlights for her this season which were her daughter's birthdays, and her Zenzele, her brother's engagement. But the biggest highlight was her engagement. 

"Well mine was actually the biggest highlight for my viewer and fans, to be honest. Viewers got to see the actual work that gets done. The Hair Majesty store was also a highlight."

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