Many Tried It, But Only Nketsi Twerk'd Her Way To The Top

Still, we're all proud

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A star in her own right, Faith Nkesi has built her name not just in South Africa but all across the world.

From “Pro Twerkers” to “Get Snatched”, the Social media influencer and model has surely made a name for herself.

Her story, however, began when she was only 16 years old when she founded the Hip Hop Dance Group (or as may like to refer to it “Twerk Group”), Pro-Twerkers.

Her spirit and determination are deeply attributed to the success of the group as, of today, they have appeared as an act in many music videos.

What is Faith Nketsi's real name?

Referred by many as the “Queen of Twerk”, Nketsi took a different approach in the manner in which she packaged her brand.

Unlike many celebrities who opt for a change of name once their careers start taking the upward trajectory, Faith Nketsi held on to her birth name.

Shakespeare used the phrase, “What’s in a name?” to describe his feeling that names are insignificant, a point that Nketsi is slowly proving. 

This is against the general thought that an artists’ name has to be catchy in order to be famous.

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Faith Nketsi Age - How old is Faith Nketsi now?

The 'twerking star' has gone out of her way to prove that age is just a number. To think that she started her career and has flourished despite all odds is simply amazing.

The Pro-Twerkers star was born on December 30, 1994, as of March 2022, she is 27 years old.

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Is Faith Nketsi pregnant?

Questions about her pregnancy made rounds after the season finale of her reality TV show “Have Faith” after she called her husband for a discussion on the way forward.

Many were left wondering whether the star could really be pregnant.

The truth is she never was pregnant.

Faith Nketsi’s body

We all know that to be a model, depending on the kind of modelling you do, you need to be fit for that role.

Faith Nketsi’s body is one to lose sleep over, (let’s face it, the thought of her alone could leave you drooling all day).

There can only be three explanations to this. Either she has a very high quality gym trainer, the perfect diet plan or she’s just generally blessed.

Where did Faith Nketsi do her body surgery?

We all know, the twerk star has made several edits to her body and they have probably done her even more justice. But where did she get these surgeries done?

Faith Nketsi did plastic surgery on her nose. She did it through 3D rhinoplasty, a non-surgical procedure occasioned by using a special PDO thread to inject hyaluronic acid.

She had the procedure done by a certain Dr Maureen Allem in the Skin Renewal clinic.

Although she also did a good job using make-up, it just didn't seem enough for her. The nose job was done in March 2018.

Another famous Faith Nketsi surgery was on her jawline, she wanted the perfect one and saw she went to seek expert help.

She had it done in a non-surgical procedure but this time in Hollywood by Dr. Simon Ourian who simply changed her jawline by using dermal filler injection.

Dr Simon Ourian is a well known A-list celebrity cosmetic specialist who majors in dermatology.

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Who is faith Nkesi dating?

Nzuzo Njilo, has been Faith Nketsi’s boyfriend for a while now.

Beautiful as she is, she has had a fair share of boyfriend drama and has in the past also been rumoured to be dating Afrobeat sensation Davido, Tino Chinyani, a Zimbabwean media personality, and even Makhosini Sihlali, a star in the making.

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Did Faith Nketsi break up with her boyfriend?

Despite rumours that made rounds online in late 2021, Nketsi fixed things with her boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo and the two are still dating.

What is faith Nketsi famous for?

The social media sensation is famous for her work as a businesswoman, model and her work in her twerk group “Pro-Twerkers”.

Faith Nketsi sex tape

The internet was set ablaze after the social media influencer found herself pushing the wrong content through her Instagram account.

This was after an X-rated video of the star and her boyfriend was posted on her Instagram story and quickly deleted shortly after. 

In her defence, she stated that the video was purely for “Private entertainment” and was never meant for the public to see.

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Where does Faith Nketsi Live?

The truth is that Faith Nketsi’s house has been kept as a bosom secret since time memorial.

She, however, broke the internet after she bought her mother a house in late 2020 with many applauding her for making that step.

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Did Faith Nketsi go to school?

For some, “Hard work beats Talent”, and for others, the inverse is true. Faith Nkesi studied both her High School and Elementary education in public schools after which she called it quits.

She opted not to join any college or university but to pursue her dreams, and it worked.

Faith Nketsi’s story is the embodiment of what hard work and perseverance cn lead to, she is an inspiration to many young girls that “Whatever the mind conceives, it can achieve”.

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