Faith Nketsi Wows Her Fans

She is a real stunner

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South African influencer and businesswoman Faith Nketsi has stunned her fans following recent images she uploaded on social media. The beauty can be seen wearing a bikini and flaunting her stunning beach body. Her followers had nothing but praises to sing for the content she was serving.

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Faith has been having one of her best weeks so far. She and her mystery man celebrated their anniversary a couple of days ago and he gifted her with a new Range Rover. She showed it off on social media.

It appears nothing can go wrong in her life at the moment. She has also bought her mother a new home. It has always been a dream of hers to purchase her mother a house. "I’m so grateful beyond words. I wanted to buy my mom her own house but she loved this house so much and honestly, I only do this for her, so we decided let’s build our dream home and honestly if anyone would have told me that I’d be here at 25 I would’ve laughed." She said.

Another celebrity to receive a lavish gift from their partner is former Muvhango actress Phuti Kgomo. Her partner bought her a brand new truck for her birthday to help expand her business. Taking to social media to express her excitement, Kgomo revealed that the gesture had caught her by surprise as she had been asking for one of her husband’s trucks. She did not that he would go ahead with it.

“And then there were 2!!! I LOVE MY MAN. I appreciate him to the ends of the earth! Really, truly. To have someone love you enough to support you in every way, including your DREAMS is very rare. I honestly never thought that he would actually do it

“He knew I needed another truck, and I kept on asking for one of his, to which he kept saying “maybe God will bless you one day” little did I know that God was already working in my favour as I was asking. God, I’m always touched by your grace I am eternally grateful, and will always speak on your miracles in my life, like this one Thank you to my sister @jacquiekhomo for organizing this surprisenana I love your drama and creativity, cause you know my baby, doesn’t have an imaginative bone in his body.” She added.

The beauty went on to thank everyone who had played a hand in making sure that her birthday was successful.

 “Again, thank you to all who came together to make this surprise possible, including my work staff you guys really didn’t have to do this on your off day, so I appreciate you giving your time to make my gift memorable,” she said.

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