It Was Love At First Sight For Faith And Nzuzo

Here's how the couple met

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New soon-to-be married couple on the block, Faith Njilo and her bae Nzuzo Njilo are easily couple goals. The two of them set the internet ablaze when it was revealed that they will be tying the knot.

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Although curiosity hit many people, seeing how controversial Faith Nketsi's past is, many people wanted to know what caught Nzuzo's attention when he pursued Faith and also how they met.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Faith Nketsi revealed that it was actually love at first sight. The couple was match made by her best friend Kim Kholiwe who was an acquaintance to Njilo. Faith said he expressed interest and so her friend, Kim, made things happen. Kim said the way he looked at her when they did finally meet, melted her whole heart.

“It was definitely by default. He would tell her that he liked me. Kim told me once in passing and we moved on. When he finally got the chance to talk to me himself without really saying that much, I melted at the way he looked at me. Then all was history after that night,” she said.

After their Mahlabisa ceremony, which is a traditional ceremony performed before the actual wedding, Faith gushed over her hubby and her parents for their support.

“I always say our love is not your typical love story, but I would never have it any other way. God created me for you. I’m content knowing that you love me and I am blessed to love you unconditionally. I’m excited to begin this new chapter with my hubby and build an amazing life for our children and grandchildren. I can’t wait to wake up next to you every morning.”

Gushing over her parents as well, "My mom it’s always been me and you, you have been my strength and I love you so much. It’s been an emotional month for the both of us and it’s been quite hard to absorb that I have grown but I promise you, you will forever be my best friend. I love you so much."

"My dad I’ll always be your little girl and you will always be my first love," she gushed about her father as well.

Faith was also rumoured to be pregnant by an apparent friend who told City Press that she is hiding the belly. “She says that she will reveal her pregnancy as time goes on, the same way she has done with everything, including her lobola and wedding. She will reveal her baby bump as time goes on,” one friend reportedly said. 

Both herself and her manager debunked these rumours, “Just like anybody else, they would love to have a baby but then it is not happening now. She is not pregnant. She is off social media, yes, but she is not pregnant.

“People are just assuming that she would rather get married because she is pregnant, but they have been planning to get married for a very long time. People who are close to her would know that she was supposed to get married last year already,” the manager apparently said.

Another so-called friend revealed when they will have a white wedding which will be later on in the year. 

“They will have a white wedding later. Mahlabisa in Setswana culture follows the lobola negotiations. They still have to follow the Zulu traditional paths, as Nzuzo is Zulu. Faith has been declining invites to come out with us this week to congratulate her. She told us that she is pregnant and does not want to be seen in public yet,” said the friend to the publication.

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