Sindisiwe Manqele Who Was Convicted Of Killing Flabba Is Out Of Jail

Tweeps are up in arms over the Manqele's release

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Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi's murder and girlfriend Sindisiwe Manqele has been released from jail on parole. According to Aldrin Sampear of the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation, Sindisiwe Manqele was released today after serving seven years behind bars.

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The news of Sindisiwe Manqele being released from parole after only serving seven years following the murder of hip hop star Flabba has gotten social media and the nation as a whole abuzz. It was reported that Sindisiwe Manqele stabbed Flabba in the chest following an altercation between the pair at Flabba's home in Alexandra.

Taking to social media, journalist and TV reporter Aldrin Sampear has announced the news of Sindisiwe Manqele being released from prison on parole today. Aldrin Sampear have relayed that according to the Correctional Services Department, Manqele has also graduated whilst in prison but the details on what exactly weren't divulged.

"Sindisiwe Manqele, who was convicted in 2015 for the murder of rapper Flabba, has been released on parole today" wrote Aldrin Sampear
Sindisiwe Manqele was sentenced to 12 years in prison by Judge Solly Sithole at High Court in Palm Ridge in March 2016. And the nation was up in arms following the murder of one of South African hip hop star and a member of Skwatta Camp.

Twitter continues to be up in arms over the release of Sindisiwe Manqele. While some tweeps are all for the release and at the same breath others are totally against it. Taking to social media, tweeps have raised and voiced their differences while substantiating their reasoning as well. It is a frenzy over on Twitter and the battle of words is currently underway.

"If it was a man... you were going to hear GVB activist making noise about this parole release but just because it a female there is a muted reaction regarding this news. Mans life is being treated as less valuable compared to woman" wrote Xolani Khabazela
"Our justice system actually promotes GBV and violence, how do you release domeone from prison after 7yrs vele, like serious" wrote Kabelo
"See why you can kill and confess quick quick and get sentenced and get parole. Ultimately, it makes our lives very cheap" wrote Thabiso
"Guys, 7 years after killing someone? Hhayi bafwethum ifilimu! Welcome to South Africa where murderers roam the streets" wrote Ayanda Ngesihle
"A life means nothing to these judges. How must the public feel knowing gore someone can just stab you and they'll a mere 6 years later?? Aga maan" wrote Kentse Mmola
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Meanwhile on the other hand, other tweeps have seconded Sindisiwe Manqele's release on parole. While others are claiming that she shouldn't have been in prison in the first place because it was alleged he stabbing Flabba reportedly on self defense.

"Well was it not self-defense? Which means she shouldn't have gone to prison to begin with?" wrote Matilda
"Sentence may be 12 yrs to be served with no conditions or 1/2 conditions, 2/3 conditions and the discretion lies with the correctional service to determine your release date hence we need more awareness on these issues criminal procedures ad interpretation of direct imprisonment" wrote Cetshwayo
It is a war zone on Twitter while tweeps are going head to head with one another over the release of Sindisiwe Manqele for the murder of the late Flabba. Sindisiwe Manqele will now enjoy life as a free woman after serving almost half of her sentence while behind bars.

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