WATCH: Flabba's final performance

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Flabba  | Top of The

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Flabba’s close friend and fellow Skwatta Kamp member, Slikour has shared a video of what ended becoming Flabba’s last performance before his untimely demise on Monday morning.

Performing at the Axecess Jozi concert with the likes of Riky Rick, Kwesta and L_Tido, Reason, Flabba can be seen walking onto the stage with a backpack and bottle of water. The rapper was clearly ready to lace down his verse from the Do like I do remix. Flabba who was known for his hilarious wordplay clearly had an effect on Reason who is seen laughing a bit after Flabba drops one of his infamous lines from the song.

On his site, slikouronlife Slikour wrote all about how he and his team hardly focused on audio when taking video footage, however, this time around he wished he could've taken the audio more seriously if he had known that this would be his friend's last performance.

“Damn the audio. We always shoot visuals of the events we attend so we can create a snippet of what went down. Hence, we don’t focus on audio but if we knew this was the last Flabba performance on a platform like this maybe the approach would have been different.”

Flabba's girlfriend, who has been accused of murdering the rapper appeared in court today briefly, but her court case has since been postponed to the 16th of March. According to reports, the girlfriend, who goes by the name of Cindy Manqele arrived in court and revealed that she had stab wounds on her stomach and arms.

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