Expect to see Gail Mabalane on screen soon

Gail is gearing up for her TV return

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Gail Mabalane  | Top of The


We must admit, we’ve missed Gail Mabalane on our TV screens. The actress, who gave birth to her second child this year will be making her TV return one of these days.

Gail graces the cover of Destiny magazine’s September issue and she looks gorgeous. In the behind the scenes video at the cover shoot, she revealed that she’s working on exciting projects.

“I think as an actress all I want is to play roles that challenge me, and to play characters that are different every time people see me on screen. So, I’m really excited and I’m working on exciting projects and I can’t say too much about them but you will definitely see me on screen soon."


We’re so happy for Gail, especially after learning that she had a cancelled role because she was pregnant. The mother of two spoke about the situation on Afternoon Express in May.

She said: “I was cast. I got the role. They called me in to just read with another actor that they were busy casting. I went in and I was about five months pregnant. I just thought out of courtesy, because you couldn't tell that I was pregnant, I thought let me tell them.”

Gail explained that she didn’t think it would be a big deal because she knew she’d be able to get back to work by the time they shot the film.

"Literally the next day, my legal guy was busy going through my contract, so I had already received the contract, and they were like 'No. Sorry. We're just not sure. We don't know…’'

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@GailMabalane