Gigi Lamayne And Manager Allegedly Call It Quits

This comes after the damning allegations that were made on Omakhwapheni Podcast

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Following the damning accusations levelled against rappers Gigi lamayne and Big Zulu on the controversial Omakhwapheni (Sick Chicks) Podcast. Reportedly, Gigi Lamayne and manager have allegedly call it quits.

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The past few days have been roller-coaster for some and that includes rapper Gigi Lamayne and Big Zulu. Following the damning allegations that were raised during a confession on Omakhwapheni (Side Chicks) Podcast. Guest to the Podcast Queen Lolly together the controversial Musa Khawula spoke gravely of Gigi Lamayne and Big Zulu.

Rapper Gigi Lamayne was also caught in the crossfire following Musa Khawula's claims that she and Big Zulu have a relationship. With his whole chest, Khawula said while on record that, Gigi Lamayne and Big Zulu have a sexual relationship.

Musa Khawula "But then you had a three year relationship with him. You did know about the baby mama, of which Gigi Lamayne is saying that bitch is on drugs and Gigi Lamayne is f**king Big Zulu right now"

Queen Lolly "So, Gigi Lamayne is on drugs and then she is dating Big Zulu?"

Musa Khawula " I never said she is on drugs, allegedly bitch"

Queen Lolly "So, Big Zulu is fu**king Gigi Lamayne"?

Musa Khawula "yes, on record, I am saying it on record, they are fu**king"

According to a close source who told the publication, Gigi Lamayne former manager is also Big Zulu's baby mother, Nazo

According to Zimoja lezinto, "the rapper is married with two children from his wife and one child with the former manager"

“The manager is his baby mama. They have a healthy relationship from what I know. It was a shock for all of us to hear on the podcast that Gigi had been allegedly sleeping with the rapper. In fact, it is unbelievable. I cannot fathom how she would do such a thing, which makes sense as to why they fell out. Maybe it is her new group of friends Tebogo Thobejane and the likes influencing her life. But from what I know there were just a few differences that pushed them apart, but I did not think it was something that major and so shameful. I hope it’s not true," revealed the source

To her defense, Gigi Lamayne told the publication that all is well under the sun. her and the said rapper and manager are good and there are not conflicts.

“We are good as far as I know,” she says. The said rapper and I are like brother and sister.” Nazo says that conflict is the last thing on her mind. “We never had a fall out; we just were just moving in different directions.” Gigi lamayne told the publication

Queen Lolly also spoke about her relations Big Zulu for over three years. Queen Lolly also mentioned she never knew that Big Zulu had a baby mama. However, had she known, she doesn't think that she would still pursue a relationship with him.

"I have known Big Zulu for more than three years now and if Big Zulu has someone in his life that he knew... I would not comment so much on the baby mama I do not think I would have had a relationship with him had he kept that a secret from me. I have never been a side chick, I had just made a conscious decision that I will never be with a man that is single. Big ZUlu has never given me a hard time. I can call Big Zulu now and he would call me 'mama', he would respect me. I left... 'oh he was fu**king Pearl Thusi'. I remember sending him... I saw it online that Pearl Thusi and Big Zulu videos, that were trending. And I texted him asking if that was the reason he was not responding to me last night. And he said it is not like that mama." said Queen Lolly

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