What we've come to learn about Gugu Gumede's relationship with her mom

Despite the trials and tribulations they've experienced, they're bond remains tight.

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The Uzalo actress has won the hearts of many, but one woman who will forever have her heart is her mom.

If there are two things that still surprise people about Gugu, it's her age and who her mother is.

The 26-year-old is the daughter of National Freedom Party leader, Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi.

According to the mother & daughter interview on Move! Magazine Gugu and her brother come from a single-parent household, raised solely by their mother who instilled a lot of great values in them while growing up.


Gugu and her brother hardly experienced the difficulties that comes with being raised by a single parent as their mother always practiced great parenting skills which resulted in fond childhood memories for her kids.

"My brother and I would hide when my mother pulled in her car, and she would come in and look for us. Upon finding us, she would tickle us and we would have the biggest laugh." Said Gugu.


Although Zanele has always been proud of her children, she did share that she would've loved for her kids to go for more "stable" careers as 'that would've granted them consistent financial stability...'

However, the path Gugu has chosen as a career has shown Zanele that her kids were well in their right to choose the careers that they were passionate about.

"..but as I watched them progress, I realised that this was not what they wanted."

Zanele had then decided to take Gugu to the best acting school, hence Gugu moved to the U.S. a couple of years ago to study drama.

Gugu has admitted that growing up as Zanele KaMagwaza-Msibi's daughter has come with a lot of pressure and expectations from the outside world but throughout the years she's learned how to become her own woman and create her own path.

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