Idols SA: The type of competitors you can expect

We're just a few days away from Idols SA season 12 and there's a lot to look forward to.

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Idols SA: The types of competitors you can expect

The expectations are high, season 11 ended of on a high note and it's only right that season 12 starts off on an even higher note. Here's what we're expecting from this year's Idols SA competitors.

Idols SA is returning to our screens for yet another exciting twelfth season. 

Although some viewers might feel that the competition has run its course, a large majority of Idols SA fans are still looking forward to watching the biggest musical competition in the world.

Now we know that the first episode will feature all of the  auditions that took place across the country. 

However, we can't wait to start sifting out the weak from the strong and, most importantly, the talented from the not-so-talented.

Since its inception, we've seen quite an interesting pattern with all the competitors that have entered Idols SA. Although they are different people, these competitors tend to share the same characteristics.

Exhibit A: The church singer

Mmatema moremi

With every season you can bet your last dime that there is bound to be a singer with a strong church background. Usually, these are the type of singers who receive the greatest support not only from the fans, but from their church too. These are the types of competitors who either win the competition or always make it to the Top 5 stage of the competition.

Exhibit B: The charmer


This is the type of singer that we all love to hate, but we can't because he has everything going for him, the looks, the charm and, of course, the voice. For weeks on end, he manages to make it to the next round of the competition even when he has a weak performance. Why? Becuase the ladies absolutely love seeing him on their screen and will do anything to keep him there.

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Exhibit C: The singer who sings in vernacular


These are usually our favourite competitors, singing in their home languages always proves to be a good decision in keeping them in the competition. Their performances always come across as authentic and delivered in a passionate manner.

Then we have that one singer who is average but always manages to go through to the next round of the competition. We won't add any pictures in case we get backlash from the fans, but we're sure you can think of a few competitors who fit this description.