Tweeps Warm Up To Ifani

He wants to help you have the best Christmas ever!

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Ifani wants his fans to enjoy their December by gifting them free cash. Despite getting dragged ever since he made his comeback, they are now sort of warming up to him.

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The rapper has R80 000 to spare so he wants to gift 100 people R800 each just before Christmas so they can splurge on Christmas clothes.

“Who wants Christmas clothes? Budget is R800 per person. I’m only giving 100 people. I do not have money,” he said.

The generous offer was met with grateful people and some were eager to enter as they are in dire need of that money.

Here's how they reacted:

Ifani always manages to stir some controversy and rub people the wrong way with his controversial remarks. If he is not making fun of AKA even after he lost his fiancée Nelli Tembe, he is taking aim at Cassper Nyovest and dissed Boity.

When Boity was allegedly assaulted by Bujy, he made fun of her and said if God gave him the opportunity to hit Boity he would not use a bottle. "If God gave me a chance To hit Boity. I wouldn't use a bottle.”

Boity's ex and rumoured boyfriend Maps Maponyane both responded with Cassper saying, “I’ve always seen you as an idiot mara nou o fetelletse. O sebono sa motho sani!!! Sies!!”

Maps Maponyane said, "Damn, the things tweeted by grown men on here under the guise of 'humour' is just embarrassing. You've genuinely always said it best when you've said nothing at all. This is just sad. Respect yourself."

A lot of times his career got clowned with people saying he should just go back to being MIA.

You might be wondering why Ifani made his comeback, well this is what he told Slikour 6 years ago,"I have disappointed a lot of people, my entire family is disappointed in me. I have disappointed my fans, I have disappointed my baby mommas, I have two now, they don’t want to see me.  And the main thing they talk about is 'why aren't you working? Why are you chilling at home. There I am chilling at home, doing nothing.

"For that disappointment I want to say I am sorry. My career was supposed to blossom. Take Xhosa to overseas, I had dreams but all of a sudden I said No," he said.

Speaking of celebs gifting money, Lamiez wants to jump off that bandwagon. She told her fans that she is tired of giving people money that she often left with no money at all, yeah right!
Lamiez IG story

She is known as someone who always helps other people on the timeline so it is shocking that she would suggest this.

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