Jub Jub Gets Dragged Yet Again

Can he ever catch a break?

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Hip hop artist Jub Jub, who's captivated many ever since he was released from prison and now is the host of the reality show, Uyajola celebrates his 41st birthday today.

Although Jub Jub has made some remarkable moves to turn his life around it seems his sordid past will never escape from him as he's constantly being reminded of the four innocent lives he took away. His relationship with Kelly Khumalo has also come under scrutiny as they have a son together. Remember during an interview with MTV Base in 2016 when Kelly accused Jub Jub of physically abusing her.

When he got out of prison, people were torn as to why he was getting so much praise after what he had done, but some came to his defense and said he had served his time for his wrongs. Let's look at the times he's been trending and having many talk about him. 

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Kelly Khumalo is done with Jub Jub

Jub Jub may have missed a large part of his son's childhood as he was serving his time in prison but it seems like he is trying to make up for it. However, it seems his efforts were not being reciprocated. On a number of occasions, Kelly has been accused of refusing to let Jub Jub see his son, but the songstress refuted the allegations.

During the latest episode on Life With Kelly Khumalo, on her trip to Mozambique to visit her friend Wanda Baloyi, Kelly dropped a bombshell many didn't see coming.

Her friend, Wanda asked how Christian and his father Jub Jub were getting along since he got out of prison. Kelly responded by saying she had tried to reach out, but all that was in vain and she was done trying.

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Jub Jub talks about his time in prison

Jub Jub who spent 4 years in prison said that the experience was very distressing for him, but he had to survive for his family. He bared his soul with Slikour for his Christmas special of his Slikour on Life radio special, had this to say:

"In prison it's pretty straight forward there is no grey line about it. If you have money, if you don't have money, family support or you don't. If you don't have money or any family support, you are bound to ask for things in prison.  You are bound to want to have some sort of survival mechanism inside. That is selling whatever is sellable."

The Ndikhokhele hitmaker said he had to find a way to survive in prison and he saw that selling some of the basic necessities inside the crowded cell was the best way to survive. In a way, he also created jobs for people and also managed to feed others.

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Jub Jub called an evil man? 

Clearly, no matter what Jub Jub does his past is always going to be a part of him although he's moved on from it. Although Jub Jub is the host of one of Mzansi's most popular shows it seems there are some people who will not forgive him.

When one Twitter user highlighted how Jub Jub was getting more airplay than artists who had been grinding for years, it seemed her words threw more fuel into the fire.

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Samthing Soweto refuses Jub Jub's offer

When Jub Jub released his highly anticipated Ndikhokhele Remix, the song received tens of thousands of views on YouTube and the rave reviews kept coming in. Fans were enthralled by the breathtaking vocals from the musicians featured as well as Jub Jub who showed he still had his rap skills on point.

After hearing the song some of his fans felt that it would have been on another level if Samthing Soweto had been included in the song too. Jub Jub did reveal that what people were saying was true and he wanted to work with Samthing Soweto.

So why wasn't he in the song?

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Jub Jub runs with the stallion and #17

It was the episode that everyone couldn't wait for any longer and when it finally aired, Jub Jub and his team did not disappoint. The woman who had written to Uyajola 99 had been complaining about her partner who had a tendency of cheating on her. Jub Jub and his crew found him cheating and as they were confronting him, he got on his horse and ran away. Then it all went south. 

Just when you thought things couldn't get any better, a guy by the name Mbulelo was caught cheating, and to make matters worse, he has 17 girlfriends. Talk about being the man of the moment and all for the wrong reasons.

Mbulelo was caught at his ex-girlfriend's place and his excuse for being there at odd hours was that he was there for imbeleko for their child. But isn't this done at the father's place and not the baby mama?

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