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She is grateful

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Media Personality K Naomi recently took to her social media platforms to pen a heartwarming message to her uncle following her star-studded wedding ceremony.

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K Naomi said her uncle is her father figure. She also shared that she learnt a lot from him. She added: "My inspiration, the man with so much wisdom, so much love and so much to teach. I’ve learnt so much from you since I was a young girl.

"I’ve watched you instill family values(that we pride over) into our family to keep us united. My mother really had such a great older brother. It’s by coincidence that she passed on on your birthday but you’ve never left our side."

The media personality said her uncle loved and supported them in many ways possible, and she hopes that she and her sister make him proud.

The star tied the knot a few days ago, and she said she is grateful to have had her uncle handing her over to her new family. "I hope I make you proud. I’m so grateful to be experiencing all of this with you. Baby P has such an awesome grandfather, I can’t get over how you always say she’s so beautiful when you see her and your face lights up with joy.

"Seeing you cry just assured me that no matter what happens I have a family that loves me and will stand by me throughout any season in life. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I love you! #AGodThing," K Naomi wrote on Instagram.

K Naomi and her now husband got engaged late last year. She said he treated her like a queen from day one. "I remember my fiancé saying this: “Someday when you want to, and you feel my vibe, I will show you how a queen is meant to be treated…” this was before we even started dating and I didn’t want to give him time of day. You’ve done exactly that from the day 1," she wrote.

The pair was blessed with a baby girl a few weeks ago. “Welcome to the world Princess!" she wrote announcing the exciting news on Instagram. Also Read: Gugu Gumede Has Welcomed Her New Born

She added that she is grateful to be a mother, and she can not wait to walk the life journey with her baby. "There’s so much you are going to experience; times of happiness and other times of sadness but all parts of growth," K Naomi said.

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