The most expensive designer labels Kenny Kunene's son wears

He's Instagram handle says it all.

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Baby billionare

@BabyBillionairKunene aka Remo Kunene is only a few months old but thanks to his parents the little guy lives a very lavish life. Especially when it comes to his cute outfits.

Son of Kenny and Whitney Kunene, before Remo was even born we knew that he would be spoiled rotten by his parents. After-all his dad is known to love the finer things in life.

And if there's one testament to that - it's his adorable designer outfits.

Gucci baby

Remo is undoubtedly part of the Gucci baby squad, mommy and daddy are always dressing him in the finest of Gucci designer clothes. The baby Gucci sneakers are a must have, but please if your bank account doesn't allow leave it be.

Gucci baby remo

Look man, you're not a legit Gucci member if you don't have this Gucci bucket hat. He's only a few months old but baby Remo is very much an important member of the Gucci club.

Gucci hat

How's about that Gucci cardigan jersey?

Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabanna

We'd also rock a happy smile if our parents dressed us in limited edition Dolce and Gabanna garments.


And sometimes the 8th-month-old baby boy will wear his Gucci sneakers with a Versace outfit, just for measure.

Burrberry Remo Kunene

A family that wears Burberry together stays together.

Oh but wait, have you guys seen how stylish his baby stroller is?

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Babybillionairekunene