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Not only is Khabonina Qhubeka versatile and flexible with her body, but she also uses those same qualities with her entertainment career.





Not only has she added being an actress and choreographer on her resume but she now single handily hosts what we’d consider a very male-orientated show titled Spina Guluva.

Hitting our small TV screens on etv’s channel 105 Openview HD, we’ll get to see Khabonina burning rubber with some of South Africa’s well-known car spinning drivers.

Our field-reporter Siphelele Buthelezi caught up with Khabonina to hear if she also plans on being behind the wheel and revving up smoke with the best.

Hi Khabonina, I’m just sitting here wondering, is there anything you can’t do!?

(Laughs) I just like challenges and experimenting with new things. I guess that portrays some sort of idea that I can do anything. Which is quite flattering I guess.

Spina Guluva is coming to our TV screens soon. Can you briefly explain to our readers what the show entails?

Spina Guluva goes on air from the 19th of October at 7PM. I consider it the most amazing show that has ever been produced in South Africa. The show basically entails us showcasing the life of people who are car spinners; the show brings SA sub-culture of drivers doing stunts with cars.

Have you always been interested in fast cars?

Yes I have always been a woman in the fast lane, I love speed. When I was a child, I loved wearing and playing with my roller skates. Even before I drove a Jeep, I drove a Golf just because it has so much speed.

Is this kind of motorsport racing legal in our country?

I also asked that question to Motorsport SA and they confirmed that it has been legalised but it needs to be practiced in designated trackers, not just in any street where it’s not safe.

Have you also come across women who are practising this type of motorsport?

Yes there are women, I recently interviewed the youngest woman spinner in SA who is only 16 years old. Since I began shooting for the show, one thing I have noticed is that male or female, these drivers have a great passion for what they do.

What else is Khabonina working on?

My dance school in Randburg is running, people are welcome to come and also email me on [email protected]for more information. My fitness DVD is still available; I have also other youth programmes I’m working on.

Journalist Siphelele Buthelezi is fascinated with Le good life, enjoys SA and international entertainment and fashion.