Khanya Mkangisa Buys R2 Million Car

A Range for the beautiful lady

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Trust Khanya Mkangisa to go all out for her birthday. The actress who just turned 35 years old bought herself a brand new Range Rover.

She showed off her new set of wheels to her fans on social media.

On her 34th birthday, Mkangisa bought herself a second house and shared an image celebrating from her balcony.

“Would you look at God? A dream comes true. You’re now looking at a 2 x property owner; I bought a new house.  Congratulations are in order.”
Last year Mkangisa found herself a new bae and they have not been shying away from publicizing their newly found love until recently. 

The actress, club DJ and television presenter was believed to be dating business executive Desmond Williams who reportedly divorced his Mawe Vundla about a year ago.

Khanya and Desmond were first spotted being cozy in a club, but the rumors and speculations around their relationship started becoming meaty after Desmond posted a picture of Khanya from their date night at a restaurant in Cape Town. 

More videos of the pair together started surfacing on social media and they could not keep their hands off of each other.

Controversial gossip Musa Khawula took to his Twitter account at the time with two video clips of Khanya and Desmond together confirming that the two were indeed dating. 

In the one video, Dasmond and Khanya are seen in bed, cuddling and laughing with Desmond’s hand inside Khanya’s sweater caressing her boobs in a romantic couple way.


There is also another video of the couple where Desmond is seen kissing his girlfriend Khanya, dancing and laughing together while enjoying what looked like a date night for the two. 

The blogger had tweeted at the time: “Khanya Mkangisa was not just lunching with Mawe Vundla's ex-husband Desmond Williams. The two are dating.” In the second video clip, he wrote, “Khanya Mkangisa with her boyfriend Desmond Williams.”

Moreover, the couple was out at a workout session together with a puppy that was held by Khanya Mkangisa, and again snapping at the hotel they are staying at seemingly so cozy.


Although neither Desmond nor Mawe Vundla confirmed or officialized their divorce, it seems like it has been finalized as Desmond had on and continuing with his life in the public eye. 

Mawe Vundla who’s popular as Tshepi Vundla’s sister is also a social media content creator and credit administration officer as a 9 - 5 and has a son with Desmond.

As of late the couple has not been posting each other and Khanya removed images of them together on all her social media platforms. It is unclear if they are still an item at this point.

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