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Who knew it was this easy

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Shauwn Mkhize is one of the wealthiest ZAlebs and her fans have always wanted to know how she does it. Although she did not say it in many words, but she hinted that one must always be ready to work and that the life of a hustler has no set hours.

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Taking to Instagram, Shauwn Mkhize shared a beautiful snap of her enjoying the Mother City. Shauwn is currently on vacation in Cape Town, but that does not mean her businesses have to also be on vacation.

Draped in all white, and accessorised with a stunning Christian Dior handbag and shades, Shauwn Mkhize, Shauwn said one must always stay ready for anything. Even when you're on vacation, you must always anticipate a business meeting with an acquaintance.

"You must always stay ready! Whenever you are travelling you must always carry a meeting outfit. You never know who you are going to meet and when you’ll be signing that deal."

Shauwn said her outfit was a spur of the moment type of thing and that she put it together very quickly.

She also advised other hustlers out there that, "there are no fixed working hours when you are a hustler."

We are definitely taking notes MaMkhize.

In other MaMkhize news, a man is accusing the socialite of scamming her. Well, at least that's what he still thinks as he got scammed off his last R1000 that he was going to use for his kids school uniform.

Speaking to Daily Sun, a man by the name of Sivuyile Sophi said he believes he was talking to Shauwn on Facebook when he was asked to send R5000 to an account which he can use to make money off. Sophi really thought he was really talking to the real MaMkhize.

"This person promised to make me R15 000 in three hours if I paid them R5 000. I didn’t have R5 000 but unfortunately, I invested my last R1 000,“ Sophi told the publication. “I saved R1 000 and I was planning to buy stationery and school uniforms in January. I kept searching for other ways to make money.”

He only realised that something was hitting the water when he was asked to send his banking pin “ that time, I had deposited R1 000 and she promised me R5 200 within three hours.”

When he insisted on getting his money back, he got blocked from Facebook by the imposter.

Shauwn's personal assistant said she does not have a Facebook account, “she’s done everything to warn people about these fake accounts. She’s explained she doesn’t do trading. It’s sad to see people scammed in her name.”

Shauwn always falls victim to such crimes and always tries to warn people to no engage with scammers using her name.

There are lots of ZAlebs whose identities have been stolen on social media by people posing as them, to scam people. Their names end up getting tainted by these senseless crimes.

Actress Ayanda Borotho has also been dragged into a TikTok scam which promises to help people make R80 000 every week. “WARNING!!!!!! Please be aware that I DO NOT HAVE A TIKTOK ACCOUNT. I also don’t have access to a platform where people can make R80k a week etcetera. I’m not part of any investment scheme, forex trading platform or pyramid scheme. I don’t recruit people to make money.

“I will NEVER DM/ Inbox you about such, nor ask you to invest money in any of these. Please be aware of the various accounts on TikTok created under false pretenses using my name. We have reported them, but they continue to set up different ones. If you come across these accounts, please report them. Thank you to those of you who knew this is misaligned with who I am and alerted us to it,” she warned.

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