Mzansi's Top 5 Male Favourite Crossdressers

These guys can gerrit!

By  | Feb 23, 2022, 08:14 AM  | Khaya Dladla  | Top of the

Khaya Dladla/Selby Mkhize
One thing we pride ourselves here in Mzansi, is the fact that we have a diverse culture that many other nations don’t. 

And when it comes to our celebrities, they sure know how to represent this diversity at its best, and we love to see it. For that alone, we have decided to put together a list of our favorite crossdressers here in Mzansi who always leave us drooling and wanting more. 

Rich Mnisi

Topping the list is none other than this famous fashion icon who without a doubt has never disappointed where fashion is concerned. 

Just one look at his Instagram will give you a feel of exactly what we are talking about. I mean is there really a time when Mnisi is not looking anything but drop dead gorgeous? 

Mnisi has always been famous for wearing his Xibelani skirt, which by the way may cost you an arm and two legs! But trust that, whatever Mnisi decides to put on will always look good.  We are only jealous that we cannot pull off these looks as good as he does. 

Somizi Mhlongo

Oh come on, I am sure you saw this one coming. There has never been a moment when this MC and TV host is not wowing us with his great taste in fashion. 

And when it comes to crossdressing, Somgaga most definitely crosses all the boxes on our list. From wearing the best of wigs and oh how gracefully he rocks heels on! And can we also talk about how his makeup is always on point? 

Somizi can most definitely gerrit and will always pull all the stops to ensure that he is looking like a snack from head to toe and we love to see it. We love you Somgaga.

Lasizwe Dambuza

Following closely is Sweerie who you have to agree is one hell of a crossdresser. I mean who can honestly beat Sweerie’s vibe and energy? 

More often than not we have seen Lasizwe debut some of the most out of this world yet very gorgeous looks. Remember that one time he wore a thong? I mean who else could have pulled that off as effortlessly as he did? 

Let us also not forget that he looks absolutely gorgeous in his wigs, make up and oh his bodysuits! If there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that nothing or no one can steal his shine and we love to see it. 

Selby Mkhize

This list was not going to be complete without media personality Selby Mkhize who is also very confident about his crossdressing and isn’t afraid to flaunt his beautiful body. 

What’s not to love about Selby? Other than being a great TV host, his confidence and aura are some of his most attractive features. And when he does decide to stop the crowd, he most definitely can. 

It is uncountable the times when we have seen Selby in his full element, rocking his heels and dresses that always leave his fans gushing and in love. Take for example this red dress that he is adorning, the perfectly done makeup and of course the hair! Well done Selby!

Khaya Dladla

Last but not least we have Khaya Dladla who we all have to agree is one of Mzansi’s favorite crossdressers. 

The media personality has time and time again set our timelines on fire with his great looks and of course fairytale romance. 

It is good to see that he has embraced who he is fully and so have the people around him and honestly, we wouldn’t want him any other way. From serving us saucy snaps of him in dresses, full blown makeup and jewelry, and oh did you see his wedding gown! Chef’s kiss! 

It is also good to see that his career is also kicking off quite well and we can only wish him the very best moving forward. 

Any favorites from the list? 

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