Maskandi artist: Khuzani's fans are a force to be reckoned with

The artist has so much support it's inspiring to watch.

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It's no secret that Maskandi is the most supported and successful music genre in the country. Its artists are known to sell platinum albums and win countless awards.

We also witnessed the true power of Maskandi in December when Mroza's single Sobulala uVan Damme became the song of the year on Ukhozi FM, surpassing other popular songs like Wololo and Gobisiqolo. 

But there is another Maskandi artist who has received a lot of support and has a massive following in South Africa. 

Khuzani “Indlamlenze” Mpungose who also won best Maskandi artists at this year's South African Music Awards caused pandemonium when he got on stage with his supporters

Remember this part of the award show? 

Another video of Khuzani and his supporters caught our attention this week as well. In the video, Khuzani is said to be accommodated by hundreds of his fans enroute to his interview on Ukhozi FM. Imagine!

Izindlela zazibheke oKhozini ngomgqibelo🙏

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Khuzani's fans are said to always come out in their numbers dressed in blue Khuzani apparels and in full support of their favourite Maskandi artist.


It is not a joke #TeamKhuzani is the real deal.

The president of #TeamKhuzani himself dressed in blue.


This was so hectic...

Ngesonto eDondotha kwakunjena ngicula eStage abantu befuna ukuzifikela mathupha estage🙏

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Yet so amazing at the same time.

Wololo INdlamlenze le blue INdidane le blue🙏

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Respect to Khuzani and his fan base.

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