An overnight sensation - From Sakhile to Killerkau

Internet sensation, KillerKau explains what it is like to be an overnight sensation 

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If you don’t find yourself saying THOLUKUTI’HEY at least three times a day and joining the movement then you, my friend, are not in with the times.

Sakhile Hlatshwayo-Makhubu, a 17-year-old grade 11 student from Lavela Secondary School, gave us what could be the biggest Gqom track of 2017. 

It all kicked off when the student was at a party with some friends when he (being the goofy guy that he is) decided to take a video of himself singing a phrase that is a part of his everyday vocabulary. 

The youngster admits that not much thought went into the lyrics as they are words he finds himself saying often.


He admits that, that call from DJ Euphonik was a shocker though. In fact, for the first few minutes of the call he thought it was a prank. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if someone called you late at night claiming to be Euphonik and said they want to make music with you? 

Sakhile decided to trust the call but only really believed it when a driver was sent to pick him up from home.

It was hard convincing his mother to let him go though... With all that’s happening in South Africa right now, she wasn’t too sure about letting him out the house at 10PM with a complete stranger. After a whole lot of convincing, his mother to let him go and Sakhile took a car ride that changed his life forever.

Killer 3

As soon as he got to the studio it was show time. The pressure was put on Euphonik when tweeps requested that Mbali must be featured on the track too. 

Mbali Sikwane - a fellow grade 11 student from another school - is actually not killer’s friend. She is a friend of a friend who, like many others, just shot the video to go with the flow. She quickly gained status as a crowd favourite so Twitter asked Euphonik to include her in the project as well and he obliged. 


It is no surprise that the two hit it off immediately due to their shared love for dance and a good time. It wasn’t long after Mbali added her vocals to the track that a smash hit was born. 

Many might argue that Killerkau is a one hit wonder, but when asked about his future in music, he said "I definitely want to ride the wave and continue doing music, I love the Gqom genre specifically and with support from my fans and the great management that I’m getting from Euphonik I want to stay. I mean I went to bed as Sakhile Killerkau and woke up as the THOLUKUTI’HEY guy, I plan on staying in the industry.” 

His first “THOLUKUTI’HEY" concert, sponsored by Vodacom NXY LVL at Zone 6 was an absolute hit. People came out in their numbers to see the kid perform and he didn’t disappoint. He delivered and the fans went wild.

With more gigs lined up and possible sponsors flooding in, the youngster is excited to travel South Africa and bless them with his talent but more importantly, he is happy to grow what is slowly becoming a brand. 

As he starts to get noticed in public, of course, the fame comes with “groupies” but he wants all his female fans to know that even though he loves and values their support, he has a special lady in his life and he plans to stay loyal to her, sorry ladies. 

Killerkau also apologized to fans who took offense when he unfollowed everyone on Twitter.

“I know people are angry at me for unfollowing them on Twitter but it wasn’t me, my friend had my phone while I was recording and because the DM’s were getting too much and other people were saying things, he chose to unfollow everyone including DJ Tira, I’m sorry everyone but please try to understand”  he explained.

Some fans on Twitter stressed concerns about how his new found music career could affect his education negatively and force him to drop out but the dedicated student reassured us that even though things might get hectic on the music side of things, school still comes first. Even Euphonik supports that and advised him to stay in school and do his best.

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