The most annoying phrase of 2017

You've selected the most annoying phrase of the year and here it is.

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2017 came with a lot of styles, dances and of course phrases.

If you didn't hear the phrases from one of your close friends you probably saw the phrases being used on every social media platform or on a song.

We even bet that you probably heard these phrases 10 times or more in a day and we can only imagine how annoying that was for people who were over the use of such phrases.

ZAlebs selected four of these phrases which you thought were annoying these phrases include:

  • Yena Aya Kwini
  • Ska ba hemisa
  • Tholukhuthi Hey
  • Mo Ghel/Go Monate

We asked you which phrase you thought was the most annoying and suprise suprise...


Killer Kau's Tholukuthi Hey phrase was the most annoying phrase of 2017 according to the poll we ran recently. Leading the pack with 46% vote.


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Strange enough, the song was one of the most popular songs of the last couple of months of the year.

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