[Watch] Thembela And Leaun's Heartfelt Tributes To Their Late Mother

Kuli has finally been laid to rest

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TV and media personality Nomakula ‘Kuli’ Roberts, has finally been laid to rest in a private funeral service held in Johannesburg this morning. The intimate funeral service was attended by her family, close friends and industry colleagues, and they remembered how selfless, free spirited and loving she was.

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Kuli died last Wednesday evening on 07 February 2022, at a set of a TV show she was working on. Apparently she suffered a seizure and died. Her untimely passing has sent shockwaves across Mzansi and her legacy lives on. Her kids Leaun and Thembela, paid a moving tribute to her at her funeral service.

Even though it was hard for them to stand on the podium and bid their last farewell to their mother, they remained stronger and delivered their beautiful and heartfelt eulogies. Her son Lean Roberts, said everything Kuli did thought of them and he is proud that he had graduated and found a job before she died.

"My mother shaped us into the people we are today. She was never just a TV presenter, a columnist and an editor. To me she was a mother with two kids that meant the world to her. I am thankful that before her passing she knew that her son had graduated his master's degree and had started work. I am grateful that she was able to walk her daughter down the aisle," he said.

He said hearing people bid farewell to her mom and singing her praises yesterday at her memorial service, his heart was filled with joy.

"It just felt like a key being turned inside of me, allowing me to one, accept this tragedy that has occurred. Two, celebrate her life and the time we were able to spend with her. And three, I was able to understand that many, many other stories exist that more or less revolve around my mom and her Spider-Man suit," he said.

Kuli's daughter Thembela also paid tribute to her and said she will always remember her work ethic and being selflessness.

"My mother is a remarkable woman and I say is because although she cant be with us here, physically. Her spirit and her love will always be with us. She had a wonderful life and a tough life. God knows that he put her through a lot of trials and tribulations but he was preparing her for something more. She was a fighter, she always fought for what she wanted and she would never settle for anything less."

There are countless qualities of my mother that I will always remember but one that would stand out the most was her hard-working ethic and her selflessness," she said.
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Her partner also remembered her unconditional love and all the incredible memories they created.
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