Ntsiki Mazwai Stands With Lady Zamar

The constant tormenting of the singer has gotten other celebrities talking

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Following the constant social media trolling directed at singer Lady Zamar, Ntsiki Mazwai has taken her stance to be fully in support of her. Another rape story has triggered scores of tweeps and Lady Zamar finds herself in hot water for her rape accusations towards Sjava.

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Evidently, Twitter has been very unkind to Lady Zamar and the singer has been a victim of trolling and constant torment. Recently Lady Zamar was tagged on a story about a Mpumalanga High School boy, Bafana Sithole, who committed suicide after being accused of rape.

To her surprise, Lady Zamar took to Twitter to gravely express how disheartening the story was. She went on to add how saddened she was after learning about the news. However, the only reason Lady Zamar was being tagged on the story as well as the constant trolling, it is because tweeps are still calling her out for allegedly lying on Sjava about raping her.

"i keep getting tagging on this.. it’s terrible reading such… no one should ever lie about getting raped. r.i.p to the young man bafana sithole" wrote lady Zamar
Ntsiki Mazwai has come forward to offer her stance as she has gravely offered the Collide hit maker all her support. Mazwai took to Twitter during the storm of attacks directed to Lady Zamar as she mentions that she believes her.

"I still believe Lady Zamar" wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
"I once tweeted something that made Lady Zamar very vulnerable.....so yes....it will be me standing next to her. Ngithukeni niqede because soze ijike...." wrote Ntsiki Mazwai
More tweeps have come forward to offer their support to Lady Zamar, aside from a number of tweeps trolling her. Her rape case was thrown out of court due to the lack of evidence. That on its own has made scores of tweeps to believe that Lady Zamar was lying on Sjava, hence she is always catching smoke on Twitter.

"Cases get thrown out in courts all the time for lack of evidence for known murderers and criminals. Just because the state fails to produce evidence of a crime doesn't mean the crime never happened. Rapenl cases are always difficult to prove without a rape kit" wrote Zet Ndlovukati
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