Tweeps Wants Lady Zamar To Be Arrested Already

The public have not forgotten nor forgiven the singer following the rape allegations against, Sjava

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Singer Lady Zamar takes to Twitter to brag about her recent picture, little did she know she would met a tough crowd. Tweeps are continuously breathing fire down her neck following the rape allegations towards Sjava.

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What has become apparent following Lady Zamar's rape allegations against Sjava is that the public have not made peace with her. Even following her retraction of the allegations, at every given opportunity the public continues to make Lady Zamar regrets making the allegations against Sjava.

Whether or not the rape allegations were true but the public had already made their deductions that Lady Zamar allegedly lied on Sjava, which in turn hurt her music career in an unimaginable way. Flaunting her beautiful picture on Twitter, Lady Zamar has been attacked under the comments by outraged tweeps.

"the type you brag about" wrote Lady Zamar
The tough crowd on Twitter have attacked Lady Zamar without any remorse under comments while calling her to go to jail. The tweeps have gone to call Lady Zamar a real 'devil' for what they believed she lied on Sjava for allegedly raping her.

"She has to get some jail time for the allegations against sjava" wrote Sthembiso Khoza
"Maybe the Devil brags about you for what you did to Sjava" wrote Mr Mbuzi
"Konje you went around the media and told everyone that you had Sex with Sjava!" wrote Tebatjo Moepya
"Yes she did have lots of raw sex with Sjava, but lied that she was raped" wrote Ndomuwa
The alleged rape allegations came about after both Sjava and Lady Zamar's secret relationship abruptly ended. Twitter was abuzz when Lady Zamar shared how she was violated by the singer and song writer, Sjava.

"UnguSatan uqobo lwakhe wena" wrote Calvin Mthembu
"lapho u... uuu... u... uBusy uBragger ngama rape allegations angithi" wrote Gaddafi
Evidently, Lady Zamar is the most 'hated' person on social media, especially on Twitter. All of her post and tweeps are always met with a tough crowd that always wants to make her regret even posting anything. It has been a little under or over two years since the rape allegations were made public. However, tweeps are relentlessly giving Lady Zamar nightmares on Twitter.

"Bragging about lies…… wabulala ikusasa lomuntu. Ungusathane onuka umchamo wena buso benja" wrote Somatekisi
"We haven't forgotten what you did to Sjava, you are cursed look at your career now" wrote Mzi
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