Lasizwe Dambuza On Life Without His Parents

Overcome with emotions, the media personality spills the pain of feeling all alone

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Media personality and reality TV star Lasizwe Dambuza reflects on life without his parents. Lasizwe's mother Lindiwe Dambuza passed away in 2016. And his father Menzi Mcunu whom he shares with media personality Khanyi Mbau also passed away in 2020.

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Overcome with emotions, the funny and witty Lasizwe is feeling rather beside himself as he takes to social media to share feeling under the weather. Evidently, not having parents is never an easy and understandable situation irrespective of one's social standing and status. 

"Woke up with the biggest lump in my throat. The fact that I am doing this life alone without any living parents, Yoh! What's killing me is I can't even pick up the phone and say "I am calling my mom!" wrote Lasizwe Dambuza
Lasizwe's fans and tweeps at large have shared on the pain with him as they have also also conveyed heartfelt messages under his comments. He explains the agony and excruciating pain of not being able to share all his successes with his parents.

Although he have Khanyi Mbau and Lungile who are some of his support structure. However, not having his parents around has really taken a toll on his life.

"Don't ever think you are alone in this. Life is a little different without your mother and father. All shall be well thou" wrote Etuna
"I’m sorry Lasizwe .  I know the feeling. Just know Time does heal  keep her in your heart . She’s with you. When you pray talk to her . Ask God to tell her everything you wanna tell her  I do  I cry as well. You’re allowed too." wrote Norma Mansoor
"You will eventually detach hold onto positive memories but move forward call up them to guide you and succumb those hurt feelings into healing energy will get u are not alone they are with you,you will feel it call on them" wrote Rosteph
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