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He is super proud of himself

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If there is one celebrity who knows how to make social media users eat at the palm of his hands, it is arguably Lasizwe Dambuza. The YouTuber has let his followers in on a little confession, saying he is a virgin at the age of 22. He has made this revelation before but this time he stated that it is one of his biggest achievements. 

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Lasizwe says the reason for his decision to remain a virgin is because he wants to save himself for marriage, "As the son of the most high! A child of God, I am very proud of myself for a being virgin. It’s one of my biggest achievements," he tweeted.
Today, his lunch date with Mr. SMEG is set to take place and his followers are waiting in anticipation. He revealed that he felt a bit nervous for the date. His date made a lasting impression on him, as the comedian commended his articulation, "It's the voice and articulation for me. What a well spoken man."

He apparently does have a boyfriend and he shared glimpses of him on his IG when he picked him up for a photoshoot. Thanking him he wrote, "Thank you papi." Lasizwe decided to hide his bae's face with an emoji but he has since deleted the Instagram stories.

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