Musa Khawula Have A Bone To Pick With Lasizwe Dambuza

In his insert he drags Lasizwe for filth and called him 'over trying'

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Another day and Musa Khawula smack down as he takes a couple of jabs at Lasizwe Dambuza. The social media darling and TV personality was spared no mercy as Musa Khawula calls him out as boring and over trying.

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Musa Khawula has proven time and again that he is unstoppable and it appears nobody is off limit when it comes to his commentary. Banned from twitter, Khawula has made a huge comeback on YouTube and his following is rapidly growing because his fans and followers believe his commentary is the gospel.

In the recent episode, Khawula is calling out Lasizwe Dambuza for riding on the new and upcoming influencers and content creators wave. Khawula continues to mention that Dambuza is old and his content has proven to be lackluster of late.

Khawula went on to congratulate and applaud the new content creator, Moghelingz. In the same breath he took an opportunity to read Lasizwe Dambuza down like a scripture while attacking his art, creativity and content creation.

"Last but no least we have Moghelingz, love me some Moghelingz and them two people I don't know. Them looked nice, they looked cute, beautiful gowns and everything, I don't know those two bitches. But I know Moghelingz. Right?. Moghelingz is highly successful, doing very well actually and funny, you know you can teach that over trying Lasizwe a thing or two because Moghelingz is the new thing that is coming to take Lasizwe's job" said Musa Khawula

Khawula went on to mention that Lasizwe has suddenly befriended Moghelingz so he can bask on his glory.

"But now Lasizwe is realizing that there's a new bitch in town, I better be like befriending and doing things baby, Moghelingz you don't need Lasizwe if we are being honest. Lasizwe is like from the past, whatever but you can do your own thing, stand on your own, you are very funny and TitTok is doing the things for you and we are very proud of you" added Musa Khawula

Khawula was nowhere near to an end when he immediately turned on the new social media and content creator darlings, Kamo, Kagiso and Randy. Khawula admitted that both Kamo and Kagiso dates sugar daddies who supports their expensive and luxurious lifestyles. While Randy is sheltered by fashion designer, Orapeleng Modutle.

The Birth Of Stars cast was not spared any mercy as Khawula was breathing fire down their necks.

"The gays were there as well, Kamo was there and the third member Michelle of the group, they had been there, they looked very nice, they have always giving with their clothes from the small streets and china mall or whatnot but you they are always giving and I am loving me these gays but then, let me tell you. You know the third one... who is this one? Coachella Randy, was also there but then I also heard some things about Coachella" said Musa Khawula

Reportedly, both Kamo and Kagiso stay at rented apartments by the alleged sugar daddies. Meanwhile Randy is playing house with Orapeleng since he is dating a broke boyfriend from Soweto.

"Apparently Kamo and Michelle they have sugar daddies right and Coachella Randy don't go a sugar daddy because she is dating that broke man from Soweto and whatnot. And apparently, it also turns out that Coachella Randy don't got a place to live. She is living with... who is the that one with horrifying feet? The good designer with bad feet, Orapeleng. Apparently they live together, Orapeleng is sheltering this one because this one you know she's got like a broke ass man. But these two, the Michelle and Kamo, they are doing very well with their sugar daddies, they got apartments and whatnot" concluded Musa Khawula

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